Three-minute showers at gyms to combat drought in Barcelona

Three-minute showers at gyms to combat drought in Barcelona

The drought situation in Barcelona has led to the declaration of the emergency phase, generating the implementation of extraordinary measures to face this problem.

In this context, the Associació Catalana d’Entitats de Gestió d’Instal-lacions Esportives Públiques, known as Gestiona, has presented a novel initiative: three-minute showers in gyms, as part of its campaign “Cada gota d’aigua resta” (Every drop of water subtracts).

Barcelona has declared a drought emergency, which has triggered various measures to guarantee water supply. One of the most innovative responses comes from the city’s gyms, which have decided to take matters into their own hands with a unique proposal.

Efficient three-minute showers: 25% water savings

The campaign “Cada gota d’aigua resta!” focuses on optimizing water use in the 44 sports centers in Barcelona associated with Gestiona. The most prominent proposal is the limitation of showers to three minutes per user.

In addition, water dispensers will be installed to save up to 9 liters of water per minute. The main objective of this initiative is to reduce water consumption by 25%, avoiding more drastic measures contemplated in the drought plan during the emergency phase.

Dispensers and additional measures

The campaign goes beyond showers and dispensers. Gestiona also plans to distribute approximately 1,000 dispensers to users so they can implement more efficient practices in their homes.

These collective actions seek to raise public awareness of the importance of responsible water use.

In addition to the three-minute showers and dispensers, Gestiona’s partner sports centers will implement other measures starting next week. These include the renovation of pool water using reclaimed water.

Shower buttons will also be adjusted to a duration of approximately 15 seconds, encouraging faster and more efficient showers.

These measures have been agreed at a joint table of the sector, ensuring that they are “non-discriminatory”. The measure will affect an estimated 185,000 users in Barcelona.

Although these actions begin in Barcelona, the intention is to extend them to other public sports centers throughout Catalonia in the future.

Drought consequences and rejection of drastic measures

The drought has raised concerns about possible water restrictions at public sports facilities. Josep Viladot, president of Gestiona, has rejected the idea of closing showers at these facilities as part of the drought emergency, calling it “media improvisation or a joke”.

He pointed out that showers at home are usually longer, and the water flow is greater, considering that this would not contribute to the desired water savings.

However, the situation is real and a drought emergency has been declared in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia.





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