This ice cream shop prepares ice cream for dogs

This ice cream shop prepares ice cream for dogs
Image courtesy of TEODORA ANDRISAN (, all rights reserved.

The Badiani ice cream parlor, located in the city of Barcelona, has taken a step forward in satisfying the needs of our beloved pets. We all know how easy it is for us humans to beat the heat with a delicious ice cream or a dip in the pool, but what about our loyal canine friends? They also deserve to enjoy a refreshing treat with a delicious ice cream for dogs.

It is a fact that our dogs have a special place in our lives. They are faithful companions that eagerly await us every time we leave the house, even if it is only for a few minutes. As an integral part of our families, it is only fair that they also enjoy life’s little luxuries, such as ice cream. With this goal in mind, the Badiani ice cream parlor has presented its latest creation: the “Dog Gelato”.

The most delicious ice creams for dogs can be found in Barcelona.

Dog Gelato is a real treat for our furry friends. Made with high quality ingredients, this canine ice cream is composed of whipped cream, egg yolk, vegetable fibers, water, fructose, whole milk (low lactose) and milk powder (also low lactose).

You should know that the low amount of lactose in the dairy products used ensures that this delicious treat is safe and healthy for our canine companions. But best of all, it does not contain any ingredients that are not fit for human consumption, which means that, in theory, humans could also enjoy it. An ice cream that unites humans and dogs in enjoyment!

The most impressive thing about Dog Gelato is its reduced lactose content. With 96.65% less lactose compared to other ice creams from the same ice cream parlor, this ice cream is a smart choice to reward our pets. In addition, the fructose used in its preparation provides a delicious sweetness that captures the essence of any traditional gelato. Dogs will enjoy a mild and satisfying taste that will keep them cool and happy on hot days.

Importantly, Badiani has strived to create a product that is not only delicious, but also safe for our furry friends. The low lactose content and the choice of ingredients suitable for humans make Dog Gelato a healthy and tasty choice. This ensures that our dogs can enjoy a treat without you having to worry.

Admittedly, the Badiani ice cream parlor has taken an admirable step in launching Dog Gelato, an ice cream designed especially for dogs, but which can also be enjoyed by people.

So, the next time you want to cool off with ice cream, why not share the pleasure with your dog and enjoy this treat together? Dog Gelato is the perfect way to further strengthen the human-dog bond while keeping our furry friends cool and happy. A real treat for our canine companions!

Find Badiani ice cream parlor at C/ del Rosselló, 232, 08008.