The videogame of “La Casa de Papel” set in Barcelona

The videogame of

The universe of “La Casa de Papel” continues to expand, and this time it arrived in Barcelona in the form of a video game. Netflix, the platform responsible for the worldwide phenomenon of this heist and robbery series, has launched “La Casa de Papel: La opción”, a new interactive chapter that promises to immerse players in a thrilling story of robbery and revenge.

In this new game, players assume the role of a character named Sidney, who joins the iconic gang led by the Professor to pull off a daring heist at the La Perla Museum in Barcelona.

The plot is set between the events narrated in the spin-off “Berlin” and the famous raid on the National Mint that marks the beginning of the original series.

The decision to move the game’s action to Barcelona adds a fresh and exciting touch to the “La Casa de Papel” experience. Players will find themselves exploring the streets of Barcelona as they plan and execute the heist, facing challenges and making decisions that will affect the course of the story.

In addition, the game introduces a new character: a hacker with a dark past who seeks to avenge the death of his parents and recover the artwork stolen from his family.

The video game of “La Casa de Papel”.

“La Casa de Papel: La opción” offers players total freedom to develop the story in their own way. From establishing romantic relationships with the characters in the series to making decisions that will determine the success or failure of the Professor’s plan, each choice will influence the development of the plot and lead to one of multiple possible endings.

Behind the development of this exciting game is Boss Fight Studio, an American company specialized in creating immersive gaming experiences.

Thanks to their collaboration with Netflix, they have managed to capture the unique essence of “La Casa de Papel” and offer fans an interactive experience that feels like a natural extension of the series.

With “La Casa de Papel: La opción”, Netflix seeks to expand its entertainment offerings beyond series and movies. In fact, since 2021, the platform has ventured into the world of video games with the aim of offering its subscribers a more complete and diverse experience.

With titles such as “Love Is Blind” and “Cut The Rope,” Netflix is demonstrating its commitment to providing quality content in all forms of entertainment.

For now, “La Casa de Papel: La opción” is available exclusively on Netflix’s mobile app, but the company plans to expand its game offerings to other platforms in the future.



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