The presence of mosquitoes in Barcelona has been reduced by 20%.

The presence of mosquitoes in Barcelona has been reduced by 20%.

During this summer, the presence of mosquitoes in Barcelona was reduced by 20%. This was granted by the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, ASPB.

The reason, experts explain, is that the habitat of these insects has been threatened by the drought of recent months and the lack of water in overflowing springs.

The lack of water has led to a lack of mosquitoes, which decreased by 20% compared to the same season last year.

And they were reduced by the lack of humidity, another of the factors that they require, in addition to heat, to deposit their larvae.

Presence of mosquitoes in Barcelona when the rains arrive

However, specialists indicate that the episodes of rain in the last few days in the capital could favor insect activity as long as high temperatures are maintained.

During this summer, professionals from the Public Health Agency have been working in 80 areas of Barcelona to identify the presence of mosquitoes.

From there, a larvicide is developed to protect the population, although some breeding sites are detected in private properties.

Specialists indicate that to eliminate mosquitoes it is enough to empty the points where water can accumulate. When it remains in place, a granulate is used to kill the larvae.

In recent months, mosquito control interventions have been carried out most frequently in

mosquito control

in Barcelona have been between Viladecans and Sitges.

The best thing to do is to remain attentive to the final stretch of this summer.