The optimal health of Catalonia’s choral tradition

The optimal choral health of the countryThe Catalan choral tradition dates back to the time of Josep Anselm Clavé lives the optimal choral health of the country. In the hearts have always been brand there are amateurs and professionals, which has created and consolidated with sufficient authority and identity. And, of course, the professionalism that is understood from the vocation of service and artistic vocation. These include the Francesc Valls Choir, directed by Pere Lluís Biosca.

Interpretative quality

This choral group of the cathedral of Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia, a formation that is manifested by the interpretative quality. This is possible thanks to the individual excellence of the members, the charisma and wisdom of Biosca. Those who have a sense of responsibility and the team of singers who are part of it.

Moreover, if we add to this the casual interventions of soloists with voices such as the mezzo-soprano Eulàlia Fantova, the squaring of the circle becomes more than evident. This concert at the Petit Palau was confirmed again, which comes with an intelligent and demanding program. This is due to the difficulties of some of the interpreted pages.

A commitment to the music of the 20th and 21st centuries

The choice of repertoire was a choice and a stance for music of the 20th and 21st centuries, from Britten’s Flower Songs to Aaron Copland’s In the Beginning, both to open a concert based on an Anglo-Saxon argument. This is based on three pieces by artists nostrats, alive and active and present in the concerts: Mariona Vila, Albert Guinovart and Bernat Vivancos (author of Amicus míos).

Optimal choral health of the country: Communion between audience and performers

These pieces by Britten go beyond the sacred tone of the rest of the program, a concert that allowed a total communion between audience and performers. This finally allowed the evening to proudly have a formation of artistic quality. In addition, it contributes to what was said at the beginning, regarding choral material, it is a country that is in great health.

High level solo performances

Of course, the featured soloists were not only instrumentalists, but also talented solo singers. They joined the choir at various points during the concert, offering solo and collaborative performances of the highest level.

Blend of angel’s voice and virtuosity

The combination of angel’s voice and instrumental virtuosity created moments of pure music magic that not only were enthusiastically acclaimed by the audience, but also plunged them into reverent silence in their beauty.

For many, this concert was more than just a musical experience; it was a reminder of the transformative and consolidating power of music in a moment of shared beauty. At the end of the concert the crowd literally roared to their feet, applauding to show their affection to the Francesc Valls Choir for an unforgettable choral experience.