The Mercantic, second-hand market and its 30-year history

The Mercantic, second-hand market and its 30-year history
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In the quiet corner of Sant Cugat lies a magical place that has been delighting lovers of antiques and crafts for more than three decades: El Mercantic.

This second-hand market, which occupies the space of a former ceramics factory from the 1950s, is much more than just a place to shop; it is an oasis of vintage treasures and a cultural center full of life and activities.

Mercantic is a second-hand market that rivals Barcelona’s iconic Sant Antoni and Encants markets, but on an even larger scale.

With fifty or so stores distributed in small shops and booths, it offers a wide range of products from wicker chairs to Duralex tableware, from centuries-old wooden crosses to chandeliers that tell stories longer than the Titanic. It is the perfect place to find those objects you thought were lost.

Every Sunday morning, the market expands even further with the addition of 50 additional stalls, making it a must-visit destination for antique and second-hand lovers in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

In this respect, Mercantic is larger than other second-hand commercial hubs in the region.

The Mercantic: more than 30 years of history

What makes Mercantic even more special is its cultural spirit. This market is not only a place to buy and sell, but also a cultural center that attracts the local community and visitors from all over.

Its location in a former ceramics factory, with a history dating back to the 1950s, gives it a unique charm worth experiencing.

Mercantic has also become a meeting point for the community. Its cultural programming includes events such as live music concerts, jam sessions and DJ sets on select days.

Craft workshops ranging from pottery to knitting and painting are also organized. It is a paradise for craft and creativity enthusiasts.

A space with cultural soul and vintage furniture

In the market, vintage furniture occupies a prominent place. Visitors can explore a wide selection of unique, high-quality pieces that tell stories of the past. For those who value sustainability, finding treasures that already exist and giving them new life is a rewarding experience.

Over the years, Mercantic has undergone constant improvements in its spaces and services. This makes it an increasingly relevant antiques destination worldwide. It is the place where history blends with creativity and where antiques come to life.