The Gunman’ is shot in Barcelona

‘The Gunman’ Sean Penn shoots in Barcelona

In 2014,‘The Gunman‘, a film based on the novel ‘The Prone Gunman’ by Jean-Patrick Manchette and directed by French filmmaker Pierre Morel, will be released.

The film is an action thriller that tells the story of Martin Terrier, played by Sean Penn. A special agent and professional assassin who, due to a betrayal by the organization he works for, is forced to travel across Europe to save his life. This exciting journey takes the protagonist to Spain, specifically to Barcelona, which in recent weeks has become the filming location for the movie.
Idris Elba, Javier Bardem and Ray Winston share the bill with Sean Penn in this action film to be shown in theaters next year.

Despite the heavy security measures, many fans and passers-by have been lucky enough to meet the great Sean Penn and the entire film crew filming in the streets of Barcelona.

The team of Going out in Barcelona We have been very attentive and followed all the details of this filming in our city; and besides, we have had the great luck and pleasure of being present in part of the shooting, witnessing how Hollywood works, living the emotion of each scene…

Now, we can only wait anxiously for the release of the film to see, once again, our city on the big screen.