The end of an era: closure of Windsor clothing store in Barcelona

The end of an era: closure of Windsor clothing store in Barcelona

Another iconic local retailer bids farewell to Barcelona, joining the growing wave of closures that is affecting the city. And now it is the turn of the iconic Windsor clothing, shirt and clothing store located on Rambla de Catalunya, which announced its closure due to the retirement of Carmen Lucas, its owner, after more than half a century of activity.

Windsor’s history goes back several decades, when Carmen Lucas and her husband founded the business. Initially located in Sant Antoni Abad street, then in Provença, and finally in Rambla de Catalunya number 42, the store has been a reference in the commercial panorama of Barcelona for more than 55 years.

Closure of the Windsor clothing store in Barcelona

The “Liquidation due to retirement” sign already hangs on the facade of Windsor, marking the beginning of the end for this establishment that has witnessed numerous changes in the way of dressing and in the city’s consumer habits.

According to Cristina Peus, daughter of Carmen Lucas, one of the reasons for the closure has been the transformation in the way society dresses, as well as the closure of many of the factories they worked with.

Windsor, which in its golden years was a prestigious shirt shop offering high quality products for both men and women, has been recognized for its customer service and commitment to excellence.

However, in recent years it was forced to adapt to market changes, focusing exclusively on the sale of women’s clothing.

The closure of Windsor joins a growing list of emblematic establishments that have closed on Rambla de Catalunya in recent years.

Businesses such as the Bopan oven, Benitosports and the Gancedo upholstery shop, which were part of the historical and commercial fabric of the city, are now only memories in the collective memory of Barcelona.

The disappearance of Windsor and other traditional stores represents not only the end of an era, but also a challenge for the identity and social fabric of Barcelona.

The Windsor Lock: A Barcelona Fashion Icon

The unstoppable advance of e-commerce and new consumer habits have hit Windsor and other local retailers hard. The way Barcelonians dress has changed, and traditional businesses such as Windsor have seen their clientele gradually shrink.

The Windsor store has been for more than half a century a reference in the world of fashion in Barcelona. Undoubtedly, it will be remembered as the store that set milestones in fashion in Catalonia.