The best budget hostels in Barcelona

The best budget hostels in Barcelona
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None of the events that have occurred in the world in the last three years -Covid-19, war with Ukraine or inflation- have slowed tourism demand in Spain, and in the case of Barcelona the situation is the same. The increase in tourists has allowed companies in the tourism sector to recover strongly, but it has also caused hotel prices to soar.

The above, however, is not an impediment for you to schedule your next vacation in Barcelona, because here we give you some options with the best budget hostels in Barcelona and the best thing is that they are very cool.

Low-priced hostels in Barcelona to consider if you want to visit this city

1. Bcn Sport Hostels: modern and beautiful (C/ Perill, 26. Barcelona)

It is located in the Gracia neighborhood, which is one of the liveliest in the city. The fact is that this is one of our recommendations, because it is modern and surrounded by a wide variety of stores and restaurants for all tastes.

This hostel offers shared and mixed rooms. But, in addition, it also offers rooms for women only, which are fully equipped with comfortable bunk beds and individual lamps for reading nights. It has rooms with king-size beds, all with air conditioning, heating and wifi.

It has a bar to spend a very pleasant time, vending machines, a small kitchen, refrigerator and everything you need to cook. When you book at this hostel you get a discount at the gym located right next door.

Average price: 24-24 euros per night.

Bcn Sport Hostels
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2. InOut, a natural environment very close to the city (C/ Major del Rectoret 2. Barcelona).

Undoubtedly this is one of the most special places to stay, as it is a hostel that occupies several hectares of Collserola Park. This is the largest metropolitan park in the world, and the most attractive thing is that if you take the train, in just 20 minutes you reach the city center.

It is perfect if you are looking for a quiet stay in a big city. You will have the chance to breathe fresh air and enjoy the forest.

The hostel has an area for everyone’s enjoyment, offering the possibility to practice soccer, tennis and basketball or take a dip in the swimming pool. It has a self-service restaurant and kitchen area with all the amenities.

Average price: 18-20 euros per night.

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3. Diagonal House, one of the most charming low price hostels in Barcelona (C/ Diagonal, 436. Barcelona).

Located in the heart of Barcelona, specifically, 300 meters from Paseo de Gracia and Gaudi’s Pedrera. Therefore, it is a strategic place to visit all the most important tourist attractions of the city.

Its rooms are modern, colorful and quite comfortable, with shared bathrooms. It has a common game room, shared kitchen and air conditioning.

Average price: shared room for 20-25 euros and in double room, 50-70 euros.

Diagonal House
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