The 7 best terraces in Barcelona

Las 7 mejores terrazas de Barcelona
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For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy an outdoor dining experience, there is a wide range of Barcelona’s terraces to satisfy the most discerning of desires. From secret oases to trendy hotspots and charming cloisters and courtyards, the city has something for every terrace lover.


Take a tour of these terraces in Barcelona

Hidden oases

  1. One of the most exclusive experiences Barcelona has to offer is the Alice Secret Garden terrace, located at Pau Claris, 92. This garden-cocktail bar is inspired by the stories of Lewis Carroll, creating a magical and surreal atmosphere. The inner courtyard is surrounded by trees and an impressive collection of mirrors, with a large red hat mushroom as the centrepiece. Here, you can enjoy a wide selection of cocktails, smoothies and brunch, often accompanied by live music. It’s a place where fantasy comes to life.

Cool’ terracing

  1. There are always trendy places that attract the cool crowd, whether for their healthy food, strategic location or special events. Les Filles Cafè, at Minerva, 2, is one of the most sought-after destinations these days. Its open-air terrace is surrounded by greenery and its designer furniture invites you to relax. In addition, its menu is versatile and adapts to different diets, making it an ideal place for everyone.
  2. The elevated terrace of 5° Pino, in Psg Bonanova, 98, is another trendy place where people enjoy the sun while savouring exquisite dishes and tapas..
  3. Superclàssic, at Floristes de la Rambla, 149, is a gem that exudes a vibrant atmosphere in the heart of Barcelona. Its splendid terrace behind the Boqueria is a perfect place to enjoy homemade vermouth and laughter, surrounded by a unique mix of tourists and stylish locals.
Las 7 mejores terrazas de Barcelona2
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Barcelona Terraces: Cloisters and courtyards

  1. While many seek sunlight on the terraces, others prefer to enjoy the shade and tranquillity. The arches of the terraces in Plaça de Masadas offer the perfect refuge for those seeking a moment of relaxation out of the sun. At L’Arrossat, at Plaça de Masadas, 1, you can enjoy a vermouth and delicious tapas while watching the light change over the arcaded square.
  2. On the other hand, Bar El Jardí, located in the courtyard of the Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu at Hospital, 56, offers a unique experience on its jungle terrace among ancient stones. The feeling of seclusion is incomparable, and the atmosphere is always lively.
  3. Another gem is Mescladís del Pou, at Carders, 35, which not only offers an exceptional culinary experience, but also supports a social project to reintegrate people into the workplace and uses organic ingredients. Its terrace, surrounded by walls and greenery, creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.