The 5 trendy restaurants in L’Eixample

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L’Eixample, one of Barcelona’s most bustling neighborhoods, is home to a great diversity of restaurants ranging from local culinary gems to more discreet places. If you are looking for the next option for breakfast, lunch or dinner, here is a must-visit list of the best restaurants in L’Eixample, each one standing out in its specialty and offering the best value for money.

1. Casa Masana: a banquet for all tastes in L’Eixample

If you are looking for one of the best daily menus in L’Eixample, Casa Masana is your ideal destination. With more than ten first course options, more than 20 second course options, a variety of desserts and a drink. The brasserie is famous for its grilled meats and fish, as well as for its delicious pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. They also offer the option of ordering a la carte.

Address: C/ de Balmes, 129 | Type: Brasserie with daily menu.

2. El Nacional: elegance and diversity in an impressive space.

El Nacional stands out as the best rated restaurant in Barcelona, offering a space of more than 2000 m² with four different cuisines. From La Lonja, where you can enjoy fish by weight, to La Tapería with the most classic tapas of the city, to La Parda for healthy fast food and La Brasería with top quality meat. Ideal for elegant evenings with a unique culinary variety.

Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 24 : Type: Spanish Cuisine

3. Can Boneta: Catalan cuisine at its best.

Can Boneta, located in Eixample Esquerra, is dedicated to Catalan cuisine in all its forms: tapas, salads, stews and daily menus. With menus that change daily and are announced on their social networks, they stand out for offering three tapas as a starter, a main course and a dessert. Don’t miss the low temperature ribs, the steak tartar and the delicious baked cheesecake.

Address: C/ de Balmes, 139 | Type: Tapas and Catalan dishes restaurant

4. The Sopa Boba: high quality tapas in an authentic atmosphere.

The Sopa Boba, located in La Dreta de l’Eixample, stands out as one of the best tapas bars in Barcelona. Although it has the appearance of a neighborhood bar, its lighting, wood finishes and the quality of its dishes make it exceptional. They offer cocktails for less than 10€ and daily specials for under 17€. A perfect option to enjoy tapas or a high quality vermouth.

Address: C/ del Bruc, 115 : Type: Tapas Restaurant

5. Casa Amàlia 1950: tradition enhanced with modern touches in L’Eixample.

Casa Amàlia 1950 offers a traditional culinary experience enhanced with innovative and modern techniques. This restaurant in L’Eixample is known for being the ultimate expression of Barcelona’s Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, for large groups, they offer live music and the option to reserve a VIP lounge for up to ten people. Don’t miss their specialties, such as fritters, cannelloni, spider crab croquettes and paellas.

Address: Ptge. del Mercat, 14 | Type: Mediterranean Cuisine

You can’t miss the culinary diversity of L’Eixample through these five restaurants that offer a unique gastronomic experience.

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