TBS Education-Barcelona, French business school, opens new educational center

TBS Education-Barcelona, French business school, opens new educational center

TBS Education-Barcelona, opened a new university campus. The new educational center, with an area of 9,000 square meters, is located at 22 Veneçuela Street.

The business school seeks to grow to its goal of having 1,100 students in Barcelona.

After an investment of 30 million euros, the center opened its doors to the public and the educational community in September of this year. It already has almost 700 students enrolled and the objective is to increase the capacity for future courses.

The business school was founded in Toulouse and has branches in Paris and Casablanca. This adds up to around 5,000 students in all its classrooms and some 110 teachers globally.

The director of the TBS Education-Barcelona campus indicated that more teachers will be hired for this new phase. They will add 15 professors to the current team of 9 teachers, complemented by some 30 from the headquarters in Toulouse and 60 associate professors.

The new educational center

The 9,000 square meters of surface area doubles the surface area that TBS Education had so far in Barcelona. The business school had 3,500 square meters that were distributed in two locations: Trafalgar Street and another one in Bailén Street.

In addition to classrooms and study areas, the new TBS headquarters has a terrace, an amphitheater, an incubator, a library, a cafeteria-restaurant and a parking lot for motorcycles and bicycles.

The business school commissioned the construction of the center from the same owners of the building, Perial Asset Management, with whom they signed a 25-year lease.

Next to the TBS campus on Pallars Street, Hines built a residence hall for 700 students under the management of Aparto. The student accommodation company is present in ten other cities in the United Kingdom, Italy and Ireland.

The center will continue the expansion of the brand in Barcelona and will make it a relevant institution for the digital ecosystem in the area.

TBS Education has been present in Barcelona since 1997. In fact, it was the second center after the one in Toulouse. In the Catalan capital it offers advanced training programs in Management, particularly in the areas of Marketing, International Trade, Business and Negotiation.

The courses currently offered are the Bachelor in Management, Master in Management, Masters of Science and TBS Summer School.

TBS’s educational promise is to train, through research and innovation, the managers of the future as collaborative, agile and responsible leaders.

TBS Education in Barcelona is the Spanish campus of the TBS Education group, formerly known as Toulouse Business School.

The academic programs it offers are widely recognized internationally thanks to the training of the future talents of the business sector.

The new educational center shows great promise in terms of campus and academic quality.

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