Sónar Barcelona 2024, immersive experience with The Chemical Brothers at Casa Batlló

Sónar Barcelona 2024, immersive experience with The Chemical Brothers at Casa Batlló

Sonar, one of the world’s leading electronic music festivals, is preparing to once again captivate music and technology lovers at its 31st edition in Barcelona. This year, the festival promises a unique experience with the immersive “Music: Response” exhibition, presented by legendary British duo The Chemical Brothers and Smith & Lyall.

The exhibition, titled ‘Music:Response’, will be a 360º audiovisual experience that will immerse attendees in the vibrant world of The Chemical Brothers.

From May 24, 2024 until the end of July, visitors will be able to enjoy this unique experience at Casa Batlló, where electronic music will combine with kaleidoscopic visuals to create a truly immersive environment.

According to the organizers, this exhibition will offer a complete overview of the group’s career, exploring their iconography, music and video clips.

The show will take place at The Cube space, where remixed classics by the British electronic duo will be brought to life with Smith & Lyall’s hypnotic visuals. Viewers will feel as if they were inside a live show or a video clip, immersed in a world of sound and color.

The Chemical Brothers at Sónar Barcelona

The exhibition reviews the career of the electronic duo, originally from Manchester, exploring their most emblematic iconography, music and video clips. The Chemical Brothers’ remixed classics merge with Smith & Lyall’s stunning visuals, creating a unique sensory experience that will captivate electronic music fans and audio-visual art lovers alike.

But The Chemical Brothers’ immersive experience is only part of what Sonar has to offer this year. The festival will feature over 200 concerts, DJ sets, conferences and workshops, with artists such as Air, Paul Kalkbrenner, Charlotte de Witte, Jessie Ware and many more. From intimate presentations to large-scale performances, Sonar promises a variety of musical experiences for all tastes.

In addition to music, Sónar+D, the festival’s innovation platform, will explore the role of artificial intelligence in the creative industries. With conferences on artificial intelligence, art and creativity, Sónar+D will offer a unique insight into how technology is shaping the future of art and music.

Events throughout the city

Sonar will also expand throughout the city with events such as OFFSónar at Poble Espanyol, SonarMies at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion and the +Rain Film Festival in collaboration with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). These events will complement the main festival experience, offering attendees a broader view of electronic culture and contemporary creativity.

Sónar Barcelona 2024 is the unique combination of concerts, exhibitions and conferences.