Senior Cinema’ returns to Catalonia with tickets at 2 euros for the over 65s

Senior Cinema' returns to Catalonia with tickets at 2 euros for the over 65s

The world of cinema is experiencing a renaissance and this time, the focus is on our seniors. With the second edition of the ‘Cine Senior’ program, the doors of movie theaters were opened to citizens over 65 years of age, offering tickets at a reduced price of only 2 euros every Tuesday.

This initiative, which benefits 9.5 million people in Catalonia and throughout Spain, seeks to promote access to culture and revitalize the film sector, which has suffered the consequences of the pandemic and competition from streaming platforms.

A resurgence of cinema in the country for the over-65s

Attendance at movie theaters has been increasing in recent years, and last year 2023 registered a total of 77.8 million spectators throughout Spain, representing an increase of 22% over the previous year.

This resurgence of interest in film has been encouraging, but it has also highlighted the importance of involving all segments of society in this cultural experience.

The ‘Senior Cinema’ program is more than just an offer of reduced-price tickets; it is an opportunity for our seniors to actively participate in the cultural life of the country.

By offering them the possibility of enjoying movies at an affordable price, the government is guaranteeing their right to access to culture and contributing to their emotional and social well-being.

Support for the film industry

In addition to benefiting older viewers, the ‘Senior Cinema’ program also aims to support movie theaters, which have been hit hard by the pandemic and competition from streaming platforms.

By increasing the budget earmarked for these grants by 20% to 12 million euros, the government is demonstrating its commitment to the film industry and its desire to ensure its long-term survival.

The second edition of ‘Cine Senior’ presents some improvements over the previous year. Senior viewers will now be able to purchase their tickets both at the box office and online, making it even easier for them to participate in the program.

In addition, a reserve fund has been created to ensure that no movie theater is left without credit, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the initiative.

With the backing of the government and the enthusiasm of older viewers, the future of cinema in Spain looks brighter than ever.

The second edition of the ‘Cine Senior’ program promises to be a resounding success, not only in terms of cinema attendance, but also in terms of cultural and social impact. It is an opportunity to celebrate the richness of Spanish cinema and share that experience with the entire community.


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