Selfies and videos on escalators near Sagrada Familia prohibited

Selfies and videos on escalators near Sagrada Familia prohibited

The Barcelona metro has implemented a new security measure that prohibits the taking of photographs, including selfies and videos, from escalators near the Sagrada Familia.

This decision comes in response to concerns about the safety of users and tourists who frequent this area, especially those trying to capture impressive images of the iconic monument.

The Sagrada Familia, designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, is one of Barcelona’s main tourist attractions and is often the target of numerous visitors who wish to capture the beauty of the building in a photograph.

However, the practice of placing cell phones on the escalator floor to get a gradual view of the Sagrada Familia while ascending has raised safety concerns.

Selfies and videos are banned for safety reasons

This practice, although popular with tourists in search of the perfect photo, carries potential risks, such as trapping coats or the possibility of cell phones being stolen.

In view of these dangers, the company responsible for managing the Barcelona metro has installed informative signs and assigned security agents to prevent visitors from engaging in this photographic practice.

Despite these measures, some tourists continue to try to get their dream photograph, ignoring the warnings and underestimating the associated risks. Some opt for the traditional selfie, holding the phone with their own arm as they walk up and down the escalator.

However, the objective of the Barcelona metro is to discourage any reckless behavior that could endanger the safety of users and tourists.

To prevent incidents and ensure the safety of all users, a security agent has been stationed in the area to prevent visitors from engaging in this photographic practice.

In fact, some tourists choose to take traditional selfies, holding their phones in their hands as they go up or down the escalators. Although this practice is less dangerous than leaving your phone on the floor, it can still pose a safety risk.

A must-visit destination

The Sagrada Familia, with its impressive architecture and historical significance, remains a popular destination for visitors to Barcelona. However, it is important that tourists enjoy the experience in a safe and responsible manner, avoiding practices that may jeopardize their safety and that of others.

The Barcelona Metro seeks to put an end to this reckless behavior without completely limiting the adventurous spirit of visitors.

While it is understandable that tourists may want to capture memories of their travels, it is important to do so in a safe manner according to established regulations. The beauty of the Sagrada Familia will continue to be a magnet for visitors to Barcelona.