Santagloria Pastry Shop celebrates the feast of Santa Gloria by giving away 31,000 croissants

Pastry Shop Santagloria celebrates Santa Gloria's holiday by giving away 31,000 free croissants

Barcelona is preparing for a special celebration on March 25, 2024. The Santagloria bakery chain, founded in the city more than 60 years ago, joins the Santa Gloria holiday by giving away 31,000 glorias, the brand’s famous star croissants.

From the early hours of the day, customers visiting any of Santagloria’s stores in Barcelona and other locations in Catalonia and Spain will receive a free glory with any purchase of 4 euros or more.

This generous initiative is part of an annual tradition of the bakery, which seeks to delight its customers and celebrate the city’s rich pastry tradition.

Pastelería Santagloria celebrates the feast of Santa Gloria

Santagloria’s history goes back more than six decades, when Pere and Gloria, a couple with a passion for bread and pastries, founded the company in Barcelona.

What started as a small family bakery has grown into a chain with more than a hundred stores, including franchises in different parts of Spain.

While Santagloria offers a wide variety of delicious products, the mini croissants come in more than fifteen different flavors, ensuring that there is an option for every taste.

How to participate

In addition to the croissant giveaway, Santagloria is also organizing an exciting sweepstakes on its social networks, where one lucky winner will have the opportunity to enjoy a full year of free glories.

To participate, users simply have to follow the instructions indicated in the sweepstakes post on the brand’s Instagram profile.

The mechanics are simple: any customer who makes a purchase of 4 euros or more will receive a croissant as a gift. With a wide variety of sweet and savory options to choose from, customers can indulge in these baked delights free of charge.

In addition, for those who would like the chance to enjoy free croissants for a whole year, Santagloria has also organized an exciting sweepstakes on its Instagram profile.

This initiative is not only an opportunity to enjoy delicious croissants for free, but also to celebrate Barcelona’s rich pastry tradition and Santagloria’s passion for offering high quality products and exceptional taste to its customers.

So this March 25, get ready to indulge in a delicious croissant courtesy of Santagloria.

The Santagloria bakery chain

With a network of more than 100 locations throughout Spain, including multiple locations in Barcelona and Catalonia, Santagloria has become a place of reference for lovers of good pastries.

Since its foundation by Pere Gallés and his wife Gloria more than six decades ago, the brand has been synonymous with quality and tradition in the world of pastries.