Sad death of Luis Llongueras, renowned hairdresser, at the age of 87.

Lluís Llongueras Batlle, renowned stylist, departed this world today May 29, 2023 in Barcelona, due to a battle with cancer.

Sad death of Luis Llongueras, renowned hairdresser, at the age of 87.Lluís Llongueras, renowned for his talent and originality in creating unique styles, left an indelible mark on the hairdressing industry. His skill in the art of hair cutting catapulted him to international fame. Not only did he stand out as a stylist for celebrities such as the Duchess of Alba, Queen Sofia and Raquel Welch, but he also founded his own company, the prestigious Llongueras franchise. This successful franchise had 50 establishments throughout Spain and another 120 distributed around the world.


Biography of Luis Llongueras

Lluis Llongueras is a name that is synonymous with innovation and creativity in the hairdressing world. His unique approach to hairdressing has made him a household name in Spain and beyond. In this article, we will explore the life and career of this iconic figure, from his early days to his rise to fame as an industry trendsetter. Join us as we delve into the fascinating biography of Lluis Llongueras, a man who has left an indelible mark on the world of hair and beauty.

Early life and education

Born in Barcelona in 1956, Luis Llongueras grew up in a family of hairdressers. From a very young age, his passion for the trade was evident; he spent much of his time in the hairdressing salon, where he started working at the age of 14. By 18, he had developed his own distinctive style. After finishing his studies, he chose to dedicate himself to hairdressing and founded the Llongueras Group in 1978. The group’s success was remarkable, and Llongueras’ techniques and designs became famous around the world, thanks in part to his unique approach, the Llongueras Method, which emphasized the importance of understanding the client’s personality and lifestyle when creating a hairstyle.

Longueras was also a well-known face on Spanish television, admired for his charisma and ability to relate to his viewers. He was also a strong advocate of animal rights and environmentalism, and saw hairdressing as a means to positively influence the world. To this end, he devoted much of his time and energy to promoting these causes and raising awareness of the need to protect the environment and treat animals with respect.

Career of Luis Llongueras

A well-known hairdresser, Luis Llongueras has made a name for himself in the fashion industry. Over several decades, he has revolutionized the hairdressing industry with his inventive techniques. His work has appeared in magazines and fashion shows around the world, which has brought him international renown. Luis’ expertise in creating unique and stylish hairstyles that are both modern and practical is well known.

A pioneer in the hairdressing industry, Luís has introduced new techniques and styles that have become popular trends. He has also imparted knowledge to many aspiring hairdressers, helping them embark on successful careers. His influence on the hairdressing industry is undeniable, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations.

In addition, Luis has been a frequent guest on Spanish television programs and commercials. He has taken advantage of his platform to promote his work and share his techniques with a wider audience. He has also been a strong advocate for animal rights and environmental conservation, using his fame to draw attention to these causes and garnering the admiration of people around the world.

LuÃs Llonguerasâ¤? career has been characterized by his passion for hairdressing and his commitment to innovation. Its leadership in the sector, introducing new techniques and styles that have become basic, is undeniable. His dedication to his craft and his advocacy for important causes have made him a beloved figure in the fashion industry and beyond. Luis’ career is a reminder of the power of passion and dedication, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations.

Innovative hairstyles by Luís Llongueras

Juanjo Llongueras’ creative hairstyles have earned him the title of trendsetter in the field of hairdressing. His daring and avant-garde styles have been exhibited in several fashion shows and magazines, among which the famous Llongueras cut stands out. This layered and textured style enhances the natural flow of the hair. He was also the pioneer of the bob cut in Spain, which caused a sensation in the 80s. Llongueras’ hairstyles go beyond women, and he has also created daring and modern looks for men. He continues to challenge the boundaries of hairstyling and motivate future generations of stylists to think unconventionally and be imaginative with their art.

The timelessness of Llongueras hairstyles makes them continuously popular. His pioneering techniques have globally influenced the hairdressing industry, and his legacy is kept alive through the salons and academies of the Llongueras Group. On May 24, the anniversary of Llongueras’ birth, the hairdressing community and admirers around the world commemorate his contributions to the industry and his revolutionary spirit that will live on.

Television appearances of Luis Llongueras

Luis Llongueras has earned recognition in the hairdressing industry for his frequent television appearances. From programs in which he shows his creative genius to commercials in which he promotes the latest trends and hair products, he has become a beloved figure in Spain. In particular, he styled the hair of the Duchess Alba, aristocrat and lady of Spanish high society, creating an iconic and elegant hairstyle that has been widely imitated.

In addition to her remarkable work in the field of hair, Llongueras has also used her platform to promote animal rights and environmental advocacy. His commitment to these causes has earned him the admiration of viewers and colleagues alike, cementing his iconic status.

From his iconic Duchess Alba styling to his passionate advocacy for animal rights and environmental protection, Llongueras’ television appearances have established him as a trendsetter in the industry and a beloved figure in Spain.

Defense of animal rights and protection of the environment

Lluís Llongueras has earned recognition not only as a distinguished hairdresser, but also as a strong advocate for animal rights and environmental conservation. His passion for animals and the environment motivated him to take a stand and use his platform to raise awareness. An active member of several animal rights organizations, Llongueras has denounced the cruelty inflicted on animals in the fashion industry, stressing the importance of protecting them from mistreatment for beauty and fashion reasons.

In the beauty sector, Llongueras has also taken steps to ensure that its salons are environmentally friendly. From the use of eco-friendly products to the application of energy-efficient practices, it has set a high standard for sustainable and ecological beauty. His efforts have been recognized and have earned him multiple awards for his contribution to environmental protection.

The Llongueras salon team has also been inspired by its dedication to animal rights and environmental conservation. They have implemented recycling programs, encouraged their customers to reduce their carbon footprint and launched campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the planet and its inhabitants. Through his work, Llongueras aims to motivate others to act and take responsibility for their impact on the world and its creatures.

Luis Llongueras’ advocacy for animal rights and environmental protection is a testament to his commitment to creating a better world. It has used its platform to educate and empower, setting an example of how we can all make a difference and contribute to creating a sustainable and ethical future.

Lluís Llongueras will be remembered not only for his impact on hair fashion, but also for his contribution to the world of beauty and for his legacy as a true hairdressing icon. His departure leaves a void in the industry and his influence will live on. We send our sincere condolences to his family, friends and fans at this time of deepest sorrow.