Robbie Williams in Barcelona with his mental health-inspired art exhibition

Robbie Williams in Barcelona with his mental health-inspired art exhibition

This June, the city of Barcelona will witness a surprising transformation of Robbie Williams, not on the music stages, but in the art galleries. The iconic British singer, known for hits such as “Angels” and “Feel”, will bring his exhibition “Confessions of a Crowded Mind” to the Moco Museum in Barcelona.

This exhibition, which will open on June 21, 2024, is the second part of an art project initiated in Amsterdam and is deeply inspired by mental health, a personal and recurring theme in Williams’ life.

Robbie Williams has been a prominent figure in pop music since the 1990s, first as a member of Take That and then as a solo artist.

His musical career has been filled with successes and reinventions, but has also been marked by personal struggles with depression and addictions.

Robbie Williams’ transition to art

In January 2024, Williams made his art world debut with his exhibition “Pride and Self-Prejudice” at the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. This first show was a resounding success, attracting more than 100,000 visitors.

This exhibition featured works that reflected her personal journey from dark days of addiction and internal struggle to a place of self-acceptance and creativity.

The new exhibition in Barcelona, “Confessions of a Crowded Mind”, continues this narrative. It consists of 17 works that explore the challenges of mental health and self-acceptance.

According to Williams, his goal is to “inspire people to transform their fears and anxieties into creativity.” The exhibition aims to encourage viewers to embrace all parts of themselves, a powerful and relevant message in today’s context.

A glimpse of the exhibition

The Moco Museum in Barcelona will host “Confessions of a Crowded Mind” from June 21. The day before, on June 20, Robbie Williams will be present at the opening to personally present his collection.

This closeness with his audience is not new for Williams, who has used platforms such as Instagram to speak openly about his state of mind and the challenges he faces.

The works in this exhibition are a testament to Williams’ personal journey. Each piece reflects her struggle with depression and her rehabilitation process, transforming her “inner demons into self-loving angels.”

The exhibition not only offers an in-depth look into the artist’s mind, but also serves as a platform for conversation about mental health.

Context and reception

The Moco Museum, known for its focus on modern and contemporary art, is the ideal venue for the second part of Williams’ art project. In addition to Williams’ works, the museum also hosts temporary and permanent exhibitions of other contemporary artists such as Banksy and Robin Kid.