The most complete guide to the most famous parks in Barcelona

Barcelona, one of Europe’s most vibrant and captivating cities, is known for its stunning architecture, rich culture and sunny beaches. However, what is often overlooked in the frenetic urban life is the abundance of green spaces hidden in every corner of the metropolis. The capital of Catalonia is home to an incredible variety of parks and gardens, from the iconic to the more secluded, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and a haven for nature amidst the hustle and bustle.

In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of Barcelona’s 50 most famous parks so you can find the one that’s closest to you.

From the architectural creations of Antoni Gaudí to green spaces that offer an oasis of tranquility, these outdoor spaces tell unique and enriching stories. Each represents a place where locals and visitors can escape from everyday life and immerse themselves in natural beauty, public art and outdoor recreation.

Get ready to discover green Barcelona and enjoy a stroll through some of the city’s most enchanting parks!

Parc Güell

Location: Carrer d’Olot, s/n, 08024 Barcelona.

Parc Güell, an architectural jewel designed by modernist genius Antoni Gaudí, is one of Barcelona’s most emblematic treasures and a must-see destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the magic of Catalan art and architecture. Located on the hill of El Carmel, this park is much more than just a green space; it is a fantasy world where Gaudí’s creativity unfolds in every corner.

parks near me 50 best parks in barcelona parc guellThis park, built between 1900 and 1914, is a testament to Gaudí’s unique style, fusing natural elements with modernist architecture. The vibrant colorful mosaics, organic shapes of the structures and whimsical sculptures create an atmosphere that seems to be straight out of a fairy tale. The heart of Parc Güell is the Sala Hipóstila, a hall supported by leaning columns that mimic the shapes of trees, and whose ceiling is a mosaic marvel.

Parc Güell offers unparalleled panoramic views of Barcelona, with the sea on the horizon and the city stretching out before your eyes. It is an ideal place to contemplate the beauty of the city and enjoy a moment of peace and reflection.

The sculpture of a mosaic-covered dragon at the entrance of the park has become an emblem of Barcelona. Children have fun climbing up and down the dragon, known as the “Llagosta” in Catalan, and is one of the many wonders that await you in Parc Güell.

Parc Güell is much more than a park, it is a masterpiece that celebrates Gaudí’s imagination and creativity. Every corner is a surprise, and every visit is an opportunity to lose yourself in its beauty and design. A place where architecture meets nature in an eternal embrace, Parc Güell is a tribute to Gaudí’s bold vision and a place of inspiration that endures in the heart of Barcelona and in the minds of all who visit.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Location: Passeig de Picasso, 21, 08003 Barcelona

Known as the “green lung” of Barcelona, Parc de la Ciutadella stretches across approximately 70 acres and offers a wide variety of activities and places to explore. Its shady paths, picnic areas and playgrounds make this park a popular spot for families, couples and friends looking to spend a day outdoors.

parks near me 50 best parks in barcelona Parc de la CiutadellaOne of the highlights of the park is the stunning lake, where you can rent paddle boats and enjoy a leisurely stroll on the water. In addition, Parc de la Ciutadella is home to the Parlament de Catalunya, the building that houses the Parliament of Catalonia. The majestic Monumental Waterfall, designed by Josep Fontserè with the collaboration of Antoni Gaudí, is one of the park’s most photogenic attractions and offers a spectacle of water and sculptures at its base.

The Barcelona Zoo, located in Parc de la Ciutadella, is an educational and fun place for the whole family, with a wide variety of animals from all over the world.

The park also houses the Museu d’Art Modern de Barcelona (MAMBA) and the Umbracle, an iron and glass greenhouse that houses a diversity of exotic plants.


Location: Montjuïc, 08038 Barcelona

Parc de Montjuïc rises majestically above the city of Barcelona, forming a hill that not only offers breathtaking panoramic views, but also harbors a wealth of history, culture and nature.

parks near me 50 best parks in barcelona Parc de Montjuïc

This iconic park, which spans approximately 203 hectares, is one of the city’s most cherished treasures and a place of immense value to residents and visitors alike.

Built for the 1929 Universal Exposition and later renovated for the 1992 Olympic Games, Parc de Montjuïc is a testament to Barcelona’s evolution throughout the 20th century. The manicured gardens, meandering paths and impressive fountains are just some of the wonders you’ll find in this park.

Parc de la Guineueta

Location: Carrer del Pla dels Cirerers, 25, 08042 Barcelona

Parc de la Guineueta, located in the Nou Barris district of Barcelona, is a hidden treasure that captures the essence of neighborhood life and natural beauty in the middle of the big city. This park, which covers approximately 7 hectares, is a cherished haven for both local residents and visitors seeking a Barcelona experience off the beaten tourist track.

What makes Parc de la Guineueta special is its welcoming atmosphere and close relationship with the community. Its shady paths, large green areas and picnic spaces make it a perfect place for families to gather and enjoy outdoor activities. Playgrounds and sports facilities provide opportunities for children to play and adults to practice sports, making this park a space for all ages to enjoy.

Parc de la Creueta del Coll

Location: Passeig Mare de Déu del Coll, 77, 08023 Barcelona

The Parc de la Creueta del Coll, located in the district of Horta-Guinardó in Barcelona, is a magical space where serenity meets artistic creativity. Known for its beauty and its irregularly shaped pool, this park is a haven of peace in the midst of the city’s urban life.

The focal point of this park is undoubtedly the pool, which resembles a quarry. The pool is fed by an ornamental fountain that creates a waterfall effect and a lake in which the sculpture “La Dona i l’Ocell” (The Woman and the Bird), designed by the illustrious Catalan artist Joan Miró, is reflected. This sculpture of bright colors and abstract shapes adds an artistic touch to the tranquility of the park.

Parc de la Barceloneta

Location: Passeig de Salvat Papasseit, 10, 08003 Barcelona

The Parc de la Barceloneta, located in the emblematic seaside neighborhood of La Barceloneta in Barcelona, is an oasis of nature and recreation that offers a perfect balance between the beauty of the sea and the serenity of the vegetation. This park is a testament to how the city has managed to preserve a space of tranquility and outdoor fun amidst the urban bustle.

One of the most outstanding features of Parc de la Barceloneta is its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Just a few steps from the coast, this park offers panoramic views of the sea, and its location makes it a favorite destination for those who wish to enjoy a day of sun and beach, followed by a relaxing stroll among the vegetation

Parc de Joan Miró

Location: Carrer de Tarragona, 74, 08015 Barcelona

Parc de Joan Miró, located in Barcelona’s l’Eixample district, is much more than just a green space in the city. This park is named after renowned Catalan painter Joan Miró and pays homage to his artistic legacy through a unique combination of public art, landscaping and recreational areas.

The park is a place of gathering, creativity and recreation for residents and visitors alike. One of the most prominent features is the monumental sculpture “Dona i Ocell” (Woman and Bird) by Joan Miró, which stands in the center of the park. This artistic masterpiece, which combines abstract forms and vivid colors, is an emblem of Barcelona and a tribute to Miró’s creative vision.

Parc de la Serralada de Marina

Location: Carrer de Rubió i Lluch, 12, 08022 Barcelona


Parc de la Serralada de Marina, located in the district of Sant Andreu in Barcelona, is a natural paradise that stands as a refreshing contrast to the bustle and urbanization of the city. This park offers a unique experience, where unspoiled nature is at the fingertips of Barcelona’s residents and visitors.

This park, which is part of the Parc de la Serralada Litoral, encompasses a wide expanse of mountainous and wooded terrain that extends through the hills of the Serralada de Marina. The park is a natural treasure trove with hiking trails, streams and a rich diversity of native flora and fauna.

A network of well-maintained trails allows visitors to explore the park’s natural beauty. These trails wind through dense forests of pine, holm oak and Mediterranean shrubs, offering the opportunity to walk, hike and enjoy the tranquility of the natural surroundings.

Parc del Laberint d’Horta

Location: Passeig dels Castanyers, 1, 08035 Barcelona

The Parc del Laberint d’Horta, located in the Horta-Guinardó district of Barcelona, is a charming corner that perfectly combines the elegance of classical architecture with the beauty of nature. This historic park is one of Barcelona’s best kept secrets, a place where art, history and gardens intertwine harmoniously.

The highlight of the park is undoubtedly its labyrinth of shrubs, which is located in the center and gives its name to the place. This maze, with its carefully trimmed cypress hedges, is a real challenge for those who venture inside and a fun place for children and adults alike.

The Parc del Laberint d’Horta also houses an impressive collection of neoclassical gardens, inspired by ancient Rome and Greece. These include the Jardí dels Plataners, with its Doric columns and central pond, and the Passeig de les Palmeres, lined with majestic palm trees.

Parc de Cervantes

Location: Carrer de Manuel Ballbé, s/n, 08035 Barcelona

Parc de Cervantes, located in the Les Corts district of Barcelona, is an enchanting natural space that combines the serenity of a botanical garden with the elegance of a public park setting. This park is a haven of calm and beauty where nature and botany merge into a unique experience.

What makes Parc de Cervantes special is its extensive collection of roses. With over 10,000 rose bushes and more than 2,000 different varieties of roses, this park is a tribute to the beauty of this iconic flower. During the spring and summer, the park is filled with colors and fragrances, creating a breathtaking spectacle for the senses.

The park’s layout is organized around a series of tiered terraces, allowing visitors to explore the different types of roses and enjoy panoramic views of the gardens and the city.

Parc de les Aigües

Location: Ronda del Guinardó, 49, 08024

The Parc de les Aigües, located in Baix Guinardó, near the district of Gràcia, is a refreshing contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. This park is an oasis of serenity that invites visitors to disconnect and enjoy nature in the midst of urban life.

The park’s name, which translates as “Water Park,” refers to its origin as a water reservoir built in the 19th century. Today, the former reservoir has been transformed into a beautiful public park that combines a variety of trees, shrubs and gardens.

Parc de Pedralbes

Location: Av. Diagonal, 686, 08034 Barcelona

Parc de Pedralbes is a beautiful public park located in the district of Les Corts, in the city of Barcelona, Spain. This park is known for its scenic beauty, tranquility and diversity of spaces for visitors to enjoy.

parks near me 50 best parks in barcelona Parc de Jardines del Palacio de PedralbesThe Parc de Pedralbes houses a wide variety of carefully designed gardens, with a great diversity of plants, flowers and trees. Among them, Mediterranean-style gardens and some touches of neoclassical design stand out.

The park has several ornamental fountains and ponds, which add an element of serenity and beauty to the surroundings. These fountains are often used as stages for cultural and artistic events.

It houses the Royal Palace of Pedralbes, a historic building that was once the residence of Spanish royalty. Today, the palace is used for institutional events and houses the Ceramics Museum of Barcelona.

Parc de la Vall d’Hebron

Location: Carrer de la Vall d’Hebron, 6, 08035 Barcelona

This green space serves as a veritable oasis in the midst of the complete urbanization that took place in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games. In an area that was transformed to house sports and residential facilities, Vall d’Hebron becomes a point of balance between urban life and the need for green areas.

The park, strictly speaking, consists of a succession of squares at different levels, some of which offer shade with pergolas and trees of attractive species. Large roadside flowerbeds, most of them ataludados, offer ample space for recreation and relaxation. In the middle of this vast terrain, reed beds and ivy cover the slopes of the hills, creating a feeling of freshness and naturalness. In addition, the park is home to a large number of trees and palm trees, some of which existed long before the development of these lands. This combination of vegetation brings the park to life and provides a quiet refuge amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Vall d’Hebron Park is a place that symbolizes Barcelona’s ability to integrate nature into its urban fabric and keep alive the links with its past. It offers residents and visitors a space where they can enjoy the beauty of nature while exploring the evolution of the city over the years. In this green corner, history and progress intertwine harmoniously, reminding us of the importance of maintaining a balance between modernity and the preservation of our origins.

Parc de la Pegasus

Location: Carrer de Pere Angelillo, 11, 08033 Barcelona


The La Pegaso Park reveals itself as a natural refuge within the hustle and bustle of the city. This space is imbued with lush vegetation that unfolds in a game of fascinating contrasts. Here, open and secluded areas intertwine, where sunlight filters through the leaves and is projected in a mosaic of shadows and sparkles. It is a magical corner, where nature presents itself in its most diverse and, at times, a little wild.

The park is crossed by a winding canal that meanders gracefully through its center. Small bridges of enchantment allow visitors to cross from one bank to the other, as if venturing into a fairy tale. The experience of walking through this park is like a journey through nature, where every corner reveals a new wonder.

The gateway, located on Carrer Gran de la Sagrera, served as the entrance to an old truck factory until the 1970s. Today, it opens wide to welcome one of the most emblematic green spaces in the Sant Andreu district. The history palpable in every corner is combined with the unique features of this park, which brings together a wide range of facilities and amenities for all its visitors.

One of the highlights of this place is its accessibility. The entire park is designed with comfort in mind, allowing people of all ages and abilities to enjoy its beauty and charm. Whether for a relaxing stroll, an afternoon of family games or an immersion in nature, La Pegaso Park offers a haven in the middle of the city, where the magic and diversity of nature intertwine in an enchanting setting.

Parc de la Guinardó

Location: Carrer de Lope de Vega, 85, 08032 Barcelona

The Parque del Guinardó is presented as a place where the rusticity of the forest and the elegance of a meticulously manicured garden blend harmoniously, with water as a prominent protagonist.

This peaceful park is divided into three clearly defined parts, each with its own character and charm. The first, an urban zone, acts as a prelude to the vast expanse of this green area, preparing visitors for the wonder to come. The second part, historic and full of charm, adds a special dimension to the park experience. However, it is in the highest part where nature unfolds all its lushness, creating a veritable forest within the city. The terraced grounds, adorned with trimmed shrubs and pine forests, make this corner one of the coolest and most serene green oases Barcelona has to offer.

Given the park’s steep topography and significant altitude, many come here for sporting activities or simply to run and exercise. The reward is more than rewarding, as the park’s higher elevations feature lookout points that offer extraordinary panoramic views of Barcelona. From these vantage points, visitors can revel in the magnificence of the city stretching out at their feet.

In short, the Parque del Guinardó is a special corner that combines elements of nature in its purest state with the sophistication of a carefully tended garden. This green space offers a unique experience where visitors can explore, exercise and contemplate the views of Barcelona in an environment that exudes tranquility and beauty.

Parc de Diagonal Mar

Location: Avinguda Diagonal, 1, 08019 Barcelona

Parc de Diagonal Mar is an impressive public park located in the district of Sant Martí, in the city of Barcelona, Spain. This park, which is located near the sea, is known for its modern design and wide range of facilities and recreational spaces. Parc de Diagonal Mar stands out for its contemporary and avant-garde design. Its clean lines, geometric shapes and creative use of vegetation and water create a modern and attractive environment.

The park features extensive lawn areas where visitors can relax, picnic or enjoy outdoor activities. These green areas provide a tranquil contrast to the surrounding urban life.

The park features a large central lake that adds an element of freshness and beauty to the surroundings. Visitors can take a stroll around the lake or simply sit by it and enjoy the view.

Parc de Diagonal Mar offers a variety of sports facilities, such as paddle tennis courts and an athletics track. It is a popular place for outdoor sports and physical activities. For families, the park has a children’s playground equipped with play structures and safe areas for children to have fun.

Parc de Diagonal Mar is a multifunctional space that combines nature, art and outdoor activities in a modern and well-kept environment. It is a popular place with both local residents and tourists looking for a quiet corner in the bustling city of Barcelona.Located next to the beach, it features a large playground, a swimming pool and an artificial lagoon.

Parc del Clot

Location: Carrer de Valencia, 319, 08009 Barcelona

Clot Park, in Barcelona, is a clear example of how pre-existing architecture can be harmoniously integrated into a green environment, creating a unique and versatile space. The imposing walls that once housed the RENFE workshop stand as witnesses to the industrial past of the area and, at the same time, as ornamental elements that give order and personality to the park today.

This park consists of four distinctly different parts, each with its own character and function. A long promenade meanders through one of these areas, providing a quiet place for visitors wishing to take a pleasant stroll. The other three sections are larger spaces, designed for diverse uses that enrich the experience of those who visit.

What makes Clot Park stand out is its ability to convey a sense of wholeness and continuity despite its varied elements. Although the parts may be very different from each other in terms of design and function, the park is cleverly designed so that everything flows in harmony. This balance is achieved through careful planning and the preservation of architectural elements that connect the past with the present, creating a unique experience for those who explore it.

Clot Park is a testament to how the adaptation and preservation of architectural heritage can enrich the urban fabric and provide an attractive and versatile public environment for the community. Its diversity and attention to detail make it a special corner in the city of Barcelona, where history intertwines with nature and modernity in an enchanting balance.


Parc de la Espanya Industrial

Location: Carrer de Muntadas, 37, 08014 Barcelona

The Industrial Spain Park is a charming green space located in the district of Sants-Montjuïc, in the city of Barcelona, Spain. This park is an oasis of tranquility in the midst of urban life and a place that combines natural beauty with historical and cultural touches. The Parque de la España Industrial is located on land that once housed a textile factory, which operated under the name “La España Industrial.”

This industrial past has been integrated into the park’s identity, and elements such as old chimneys and restored buildings remain as reminders of its history. The park has extensive grassy areas, ideal for lounging, picnicking, or enjoying outdoor activities. These green spaces offer a quiet respite in the middle of the city.

The park is home to a variety of trees and plants, including palms, pines and shrubs, which provide shade and a pleasant natural environment.

The park has themed gardens that feature a diversity of plant species and decorative elements that add visual interest and beauty to the environment.

It often serves as a setting for cultural events and outdoor activities, such as concerts, shows, and sports activities. There is also a children’s play area that makes it an attractive place for families.

In summary, the Parque de la España Industrial is a green space that combines industrial history with the beauty of nature. It is a place where residents and visitors can enjoy moments of relaxation, outdoor activities and cultural events in an environment that balances the old with the modern, and the natural with the built.

Parc de Les Tres Xemeneies

Location: Av. del Paral-lel, 49, 08004 Barcelona

The Three Chimneys Gardens, nestled in the Poble-sec neighborhood in Barcelona, owe their name and uniqueness to an element that rises majestically in its landscape: the three imposing chimneys of the former power plant of La Canadenca. These iconic structures stand as witnesses to the area’s industrial past, injecting character and personality to this corner of the city.

This park is more than a green space; it is an urban refuge where residents find shelter and opportunities for leisure and relaxation. In an environment as dynamic as Poble-sec, the Three Chimneys Gardens offer a corner of tranquility, a place where the community can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature in the middle of the city.

Industrial history intertwines with contemporary life in these gardens, creating a unique experience. The preservation of the towering smokestacks reminds visitors of the pivotal role the power plant played in the development of the city. As neighbors enjoy this outdoor space, the chimneys become a link between the past and the present.

This corner, protected and cared for, reflects the essence of Poble-sec, a neighborhood that has managed to evolve without losing its essence. The Three Chimneys Gardens are a place where the community comes together, where families meet, and where natural beauty combines with the footprint of industrial history. It is a valuable space that enriches the urban fabric and strengthens the sense of community in this vibrant Mediterranean city.

Parc de Les Heures

Location: Carrer del Cardenal Reig, 1, 08028 Barcelona
This park in the Collserola area is a peaceful place to enjoy nature and panoramic views of the city.

Parc de la Guineueta Sud

Location: Carrer de l’Alzina, 51, 08024 Barcelona.
It offers green areas, playgrounds for children and spaces for sports.

Parc de la Guineueta Nord

Location: Carrer de l’Alzina, 50, 08024 Barcelona
Located in the same area as the previous one, it is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Parc de la Trinitat

Location: Carrer de Gran de la Trinitat, 130, 08012 Barcelona
With green spaces and playgrounds for children, it is a popular place for families.

Parc de la Nova Icaria

Location: Passeig de la Nova Icaria, 15, 08005 Barcelona
Located near the beach, this park is ideal for relaxing after a day of sun and sea.

Parc de Les Corts

Location: Plaça de Can Rosés, 7, 08028 Barcelona
It offers a combination of green areas, children’s playgrounds and areas for sports.

Parc de Poblenou

Location: Carrer de Bilbao, 99, 08005 Barcelona
A modern park that combines landscaped areas with contemporary design elements.

Sant Martí park

Location: Carrer de Sancho de Ávila, 70, 08018 Barcelona

Sant Martí Park presents itself as an exceptional community park in Barcelona, a secluded square that unfolds under a dense canopy of trees. This green space is the result of an evolution that has extended over ten years, manifesting itself in clearly differentiated spaces that demonstrate the various phases of its construction. The end result is an extensive green area that has become a vital meeting point for the community, offering a wide range of facilities and opportunities for all to enjoy.

The largest part of the park takes the form of an irregular triangle that is completely covered with grass, dotted with scattered trees that provide shade and coolness on sunny days. The paving, although sparse, fulfills its essential function, allowing visitors to cross the triangle from one end to the other, border it or access it from the Sant Martí ring road.

This green space has become a lung for the local community, a place for gathering and recreation that satisfies a wide variety of needs and desires. From outdoor activities, relaxing strolls or picnics under the shade of the trees, to the possibility of enjoying the neighborhood’s facilities, Sant Martí Park is a refuge in the middle of the urban bustle.

In short, Sant Martí Park stands as a testament to the importance of green spaces in the heart of the community. This wooded and welcoming corner has become a place where people can connect with nature, relax and socialize in an environment of natural beauty. This park demonstrates that nature and smart design can coexist to enrich the quality of life for local residents.

Parc de la Estació del Nord

Location: Carrer de Nàpols, 42, 08018 Barcelona.

The Parc de la Estació del Nord is a singular treasure, a space where art and nature intertwine their arms to offer a unique experience. This large, sunny park is a remarkable work of land art that unfolds around an imposing blue ceramic sculpture that rises majestically in the middle of a vast grassy parterre. The fusion of art and nature offered by this park is a true jewel of Barcelona, where gardening, trees and ceramics coexist in perfect harmony.

The main entrance to the park, located on Carrer dels Almogàvars, welcomes you with two high white ceramic walls that frame the view of the long grassy slopes. These walls act as a kind of watchtower, allowing you to contemplate the whole park from a unique perspective. Small paths made of wooden sleepers facilitate the ascent, adding a rustic touch to the experience.

Ceramics, a central element in the park’s identity, is manifested in two sculptures that play a fundamental role in its organization. Near the old railroad station building, which gives the park its name, a vast blue ceramic canvas, known as “Cel caigut” (Fallen Sky), unfolds. This artistic work stretches across the lawn, inviting visitors to contemplate its unparalleled beauty.

Further on, near the bridge on Carrer de Sardenya, where this first part of the park ends, is the “Espiral arbrada” (Tree-lined spiral). This corner of the park is a true oasis of lime trees that offer shade and freshness, creating a perfect environment to relax and connect with nature.

The Clot Park is much more than just a green space; it is an experience that fuses art and natural beauty. This corner is a testament to creativity and passion for design, where every corner is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. This park becomes a haven for lovers of art, nature and those looking for a special place in the middle of the city to escape, reflect and enjoy the beauty that surrounds them.

Parc del Guinardó

Location: Carrer de Teodor Llorente, 63, 08032 Barcelona.

The Parque del Guinardó is a jewel that embodies the harmonious coexistence between the rusticity of the forest and the elegance of a garden of trimmed bushes. In this corner of the city, water plays a leading role, adding a touch of serenity and freshness to an environment that combines natural beauty with careful design.

This park is distinguished by its diversity of landscapes and atmospheres. It is divided into three clearly differentiated parts. The first, of urban character, serves as a prelude to the vast green space that extends beyond. Next, we find a historical section, which pays homage to the area’s past. And finally, in the highest part, we are immersed in the exuberance of the forest vegetation.

Landscaped terraces and lush pine forests make this place one of the most refreshing and peaceful green spaces in the city. Here, visitors can explore a wealth of natural environments that offer a sense of disconnection from urban life. The carefully planned landscape design combines the rugged with the delicate, creating a perfect balance between the natural and the man-made.

Given the park’s steep topography and considerable elevation, many visitors come seeking opportunities for exercise and running. The reward is more than rewarding, as at the highest part of the park, there are lookout points that offer panoramic views of Barcelona. From these high vantage points, visitors can take in the magnificent view of the city and its surroundings, a constant reminder of the beauty to be found in every corner of Guinardó Park.

In short, Guinardó Park is a testament to how nature and landscaping can coexist in perfect harmony. It is a haven for tranquility, contemplation and exercise, and a place where the diversity of landscapes and experiences intertwine to create a natural jewel in the heart of Barcelona. This park is an invitation to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and find peace in the midst of urban life.

Parc de Can Dragó

Location: Carrer de Rosselló i Porcel, 7, 08016 Barcelona

This extensive boulevard, which covers about 12 hectares, unfolds like a green treasure in the heart of the city. The park gracefully surrounds the sports facilities that stretch between Avinguda Meridiana and Passeig d’Andreu Nin, creating a multifunctional space that attracts residents and visitors alike.

The design of Can Dragó was conceived to act as a bridge between two contrasting worlds: the noise and bustle of traffic on Avinguda Meridiana and the serenity of the Sant Andreu cemetery. This park becomes a transitional space that offers a welcome escape from busy urban life, where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and find the calm needed to recharge.

The park is structured around a series of “islands”, which are mainly composed of green areas with wide expanses of lawn interspersed with majestic trees. These wooded areas provide shade and a cool environment for those looking for a place to rest or enjoy an outdoor picnic. The trees also add a touch of biodiversity to the park, creating a habitat for various species of birds and other animals.

One of the highlights of Can Dragó is its first-class sports facilities. These include Barcelona’s largest outdoor swimming pool, an oasis of fun and physical activity during the warmer months. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can find here an ideal place to swim and enjoy outdoor water activities.

Can Dragó has become a place where the community comes together to relax, exercise and enjoy nature in the middle of the city. It is a testament to how smart urban design can transform a space by enriching the lives of residents and offering a green haven amidst the urban hustle and bustle. Whether for a leisurely stroll, a lively sports session or simply to enjoy the beauty of nature, Can Dragó is a special corner that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.

Parc de l’Oreneta


Location: Carrer de Montevideo, 08034 Barcelona

The Parque de la Oreneta has a fascinating history. Its creation is the result of the union of two rural estates, which gives it a unique landscape richness. In addition, the park takes its name from the remains of an ancient castle, the Oreneta, which stood on this land. This mixture of historical elements and nature creates a special atmosphere that invites exploration.

A walk through this forest within the city is like an excursion into nature at its purest. The municipal intervention has improved the network of paths, making it easier to navigate through the park and allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surroundings. Rest areas and children’s play areas have also been designed, including a large area with ping-pong tables, making it an ideal place for families.

One of the highlights of Parque de la Oreneta are the picnic areas, especially the one at the highest part of the park. Here, the tables enjoy the shade of an impressive carob tree, and you can contemplate an exceptional panoramic view of Barcelona. From Sant Adrià de Besòs to Prat de Llobregat, the city unfolds before visitors’ eyes in all its splendor. This panoramic view becomes the perfect setting to relax and enjoy an outdoor lunch.

In addition, next to Parque de la Oreneta are the public swimming pools of Can Caralleu, an ideal place to complete a summer day. After exploring the park’s trails, there’s nothing like a refreshing dip in the pools to cool off and relax even more.

The Parque de la Oreneta is a hidden gem in Barcelona, a space that proves that nature and the city can coexist in perfect harmony. It is a place that reminds us of the importance of maintaining a balance between urban life and respect for the natural environment, and invites us to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer, even in the middle of the metropolis.

Parc de la Nova Icaria

Location: Passeig de la Nova Icaria, 15, 08005 Barcelona

The park acts as a bridge between the bustling Vila Olímpica and the city’s golden beaches. Large wooden bridges cross the terrain, connecting the Vila Olímpica with the shores lapped by the Mediterranean Sea. These walkways are not only functional, but also add a rustic touch and charm to the urban landscape.

As visitors enter the park, they are greeted by gentle grassy slopes, where a symphony of colors unfolds in the form of iris, elder and weeping willows. This idyllic setting surrounds a lake, whose profile is reminiscent of the mythical island of Icarus, the character from Greek mythology who flew too close to the sun. Here, in the middle of the city, the beauty of nature and imagination come together in a captivating setting.

The entrance to the Nova Icària Park is absolutely Olympic, with the majestic Champions Square as host. This rectangular and slightly elevated space is accessed via a ramp that lifts the spirits of all those who cross it. Paved with plaques that pay tribute to 1992 Olympic champions and prominent sports figures throughout history, this plaza is a tribute to the heroes of sport. Each plaque tells a story of achievement and dedication, a tribute to those who achieved greatness through effort and passion for their discipline.

Nova Icària Park is more than a green space; it is a constant reminder of the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect. It is a place that invites us to connect with nature, to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and to remember the achievements of athletes who have left an indelible mark on the history of sport. In this space, the Olympic heritage comes to life, an eternal tribute to the champions and a gift to the city of Barcelona and its visitors.