Medical Hair, one of the most innovative hair clinics in Barcelona

Medical Hair, although born in Argentina, landed in Spain a few years ago by the hand of one of its founders. Today, with a recently opened office in Barcelona, the clinic specializing in the latest generation of hair treatments is positioned as one of the essential references.

Medical HairMandatory references, above all, for the treatment of Hair Grafting in Barcelona, one of the most demanded at present, especially because it is a condition – alopecia – which affects almost 80% of men, and which in general has been seen to affect more and more women and people of younger age ranges than a few years ago.

Combat hair loss, whatever its causes, is one of Medical Hair’s raisons d’être.This is one of the reasons why patients trust this clinic, whose aspiration is none other than to be an unavoidable reference when looking for safe, effective and state-of-the-art hair treatments in the capital of Catalonia.

The best hair treatments in Barcelona

If there is one thing that stands out Medical Hair Barcelona is for the innovative treatments it offers to its patients. It is not for nothing that this is a company with decades of experience behind it, and where one of the founders, Dr. Arturo González Marlia, works directly in Barcelona, to give even greater professionalism and quality of care to the clinic.

Capital grafting treatments, in particular, have evolved a lot over time and nowadays techniques such as DHI or the FUE technique are an industry standard, The latter being one of the most widely implemented in the clinic, knowing its high level of efficacy, since it uses a graft by individual follicular units, with lower risks, shorter recovery times and less discomfort.

However, at
Medical Hair Barcelona
also performs beard and eyebrow implants, as well as hair in general, and hair loss treatments, as in the case of
perhaps the most advanced of its kind.

In the hands of the best experts

It is more than proven that one of the only effective ways to bring hair back to life is by means of hair grafting. Even more so in the case of really important cases of alopecia and that with cosmetic treatments based on products it would be impossible to reverse the situation.

However, the hair graft treatment would be ineffective if it did not count, at the same time, with high quality professionals, with experience, continuous training and an enviable trajectory.. In the case of the personnel of
Medical Hair
which as an institution has decades of work in Argentina, throughout Latin America and also in Spain already has several clinics in cities such as Madrid, San Sebastian and Valencia, trust is one of the priorities, and that undoubtedly transmits this clinic.

Then there is, of course, the issue of technologies and treatments, where the clinic is committed to a balanced combination of innovation, results and absence of risk for patients, so that its results could undoubtedly be among the best in the sector at the national level.

A service designed for user satisfaction

Counseling is one of the clinic’s priorities, so before any decision or treatment, the conditions of each case will first be evaluated, and it is even possible to do it through a video consultation, which is also used later to monitor progress, in case the patient does not reside in Barcelona.

In the same way, in the case of people traveling from another city to be treated at Medical Hair -a practice that is increasingly recommended-, we can offer the following services the clinic itself guarantees the hotel night totally free of charge, as a courtesy, so that customers have greater comfort in traveling and assessing their condition.