McDonald’s super convention to be held in Barcelona

McDonald's super convention to be held in Barcelona

Barcelona is preparing to host an event that will leave an indelible mark on its history: the McDonald’s Global Convention. This mega-convention, which will bring together managers, franchisees and suppliers from at least 135 countries, marks a milestone by being held for the first time outside the United States.

From April 8 to 11, 2024, Barcelona will be the epicenter of the hamburger corporation, hosting corporate events not only at the Fira de Barcelona, but also in various venues throughout the city.

Barcelona, host of the McDonald’s Super Convention

The city, which is recognized as an ideal venue for congresses and conventions, was chosen to host this unique event in more than 80 years of McDonald’s corporate history.

The city has demonstrated its capacity to organize major events, its excellent international connectivity, the quality of its accommodation and its strategic position to approach the European market.

Despite Barcelona’s international gastronomic reputation, which contrasts with the “fast food” concept, the huge influx of international tourists has turned its McDonald’s restaurants into a thriving business for franchisees.

The city, chosen a year and a half ago as host city, will compete with the last edition held in Orlando (Florida). More than 14,000 attendees are expected to participate in this convention, an event that will not only focus on the Fira de Barcelona, but will also include activities in different parts of the city.

McDonald’s in Barcelona will not be just another event

McDonald’s has held 29 previous conventions, held biannually and always within the United States. The choice of Barcelona for its 30th special edition highlights the strategic importance of the city in the global expansion of the brand.

McDonald’s presence in Barcelona will not be limited to events at the Fira, as they will also carry out activities in themed restaurants, showing the versatility and adaptability of the chain.

With 24 restaurants in the city and a hundred throughout Catalonia, McDonald’s has woven a network that not only focuses on expansion, but also on strengthening ties with local franchisees.

Although more than half of McDonald’s 600 restaurants in Spain are owned by franchisees, the company sees them as “the sum of local SMEs” rather than an extension of the multinational.

Impact on hotel occupancy and the city

The arrival of McDonald’s in Barcelona for its Global Convention will have a significant impact on hotel occupancy. Luxury and five-star hotels in the center have already announced full occupancy for those dates, with reservations made by managers, workers and franchisees.

This phenomenon coincides with the tourism boom after Easter, increasing hotel occupancy and generating a demand that has doubled prices in some establishments.

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