Majestic $400 million yacht arrives in Barcelona for the America’s Cup

Glamour and splendor arrive in Barcelona’s waters with the appearance of the majestic yacht Rising Sun, valued at $400 million, which has docked in the city’s port for the America’s Sailing Cup.

Majestic $400 million yacht arrives in Barcelona for the America's Cup

With a length of 138 meters, the Rising Sun does not go unnoticed in the Moll d’Espanya, where it has anchored to participate in the prestigious sporting event. This masterpiece of naval engineering has eight luxurious suites for 16 privileged passengers, as well as 30 additional cabins for those who have the pleasure of sailing on this floating jewel.

Barcelona prepares to receive the superyachts of the America’s Cup of Sailing

This impressive vessel, owned by billionaires Larry Ellison and David Geffen, stands as a symbol of luxury and exclusivity on the high seas. For Ellison, the America’s Cup is not just a sporting competition; it is an opportunity to enjoy his passion for the sea and sailing.

Majestic $400 million yacht in Barcelona waters

The interior splendor of the Rising Sun is matched by its magnificent exterior presence. With exquisite design and meticulous attention to every detail, this yacht offers a true oasis of luxury on the high seas.

From a fully equipped gym to a basketball court, from a private cinema to a dazzling swimming pool, the Rising Sun offers everything luxury lovers could wish for, and more.

Steve Jobs’ yacht arrives in Barcelona

But the luxury of the Rising Sun goes beyond its interior comforts. This dream yacht has become the setting for countless private parties, where Hollywood’s elite gather to enjoy the good life on the high seas.

Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Springsteen have walked its luxurious corridors, making the Rising Sun a symbol of exclusivity and opulence.

A yacht of controversy

However, the Rising Sun story is not without controversy. In 2020, during pandemic confinement, a social media post by David Geffen from his yacht sparked a wave of criticism and controversy.

The image of a billionaire resting in a Caribbean paradise while the world struggled with the health crisis became a symbol of social inequality, generating a debate about wealth disparities in the world.

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Despite the controversies, the Rising Sun remains an icon of luxury and opulence on the high seas. Her arrival in the port of Barcelona for the America’s Cup is a testament to the passion for luxury and sophisticated lifestyle that characterizes this cosmopolitan city.

The Rising Sun represents the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity in the world of yachting. The majestic yacht continues to captivate those who have the privilege of crossing the waters on her elegant deck.