La Pasteleria Triomf, the home of the world’s best mutt

La Pasteleria Triomf, the home of the world's best mutt

Barcelona has been the scene of a sweet milestone: Pastelería Triomf has won the title of having the best mutt in the world in the fourth edition of the contest ‘The Best Mutt in the World’.

This recognition, granted on March 10, 2024, confirms Triomf as a gastronomic icon in the city.

Located in the heart of Poblenou, at number 41 of the Rambla, the Triomf pastry shop has been a point of reference since its opening in 1952.

Founded as a bakery and delicatessen, the business has evolved over the generations to become a temple of sweets, currently run by Gisela Bellart, the third generation of the family’s pastry chefs.

The home of the world’s best mutt

The distinction of having the best mutt in the world is not a casual achievement. The jury, composed of expert pastry chefs, meticulously evaluated aspects such as the quality of the cream, the texture of the dough, the puff pastry, the baking and, of course, the taste.

Excellence in each of these aspects has been Triomf’s hallmark, earning it international recognition.

Triomf’s victory marks an important milestone for Barcelona in this competition. Since its creation in 2018, this is the first time a pastry shop in the city has won the award, beating other renowned pastry shops in the region.

This triumph is not only a testament to the talent and dedication of Gisela Bellart and her team, but also puts Barcelona on the map as a benchmark destination for sweet lovers.

The mutt, an emblematic sweet of Girona, has found a home in Barcelona in Triomf. Although traditionally associated with the neighboring city, Triomf’s recognition proves that gastronomic excellence knows no borders and that talent can flourish anywhere.

Triomf Bakery and its history

The star pastry chef behind this achievement is Gisela Bellart, who represents the third generation of pastry chefs at Triomf. With unparalleled dedication and passion, Gisela has led this iconic business, whose roots go back more than six decades, to success.

The recognition obtained by Triomf is not surprising given its legacy of excellence in the production of handcrafted products.

The quality of its cream, the perfection of the puff pastry, the sponginess of the dough and, above all, the exquisite flavor of its chucho have been highlighted by a panel of expert pastry chefs, who have awarded this establishment the prestigious title of “The Best Chucho in the World”.

The “El Mejor Chucho del Mundo” contest was launched in 2018 with the purpose of celebrating the centennial history of this delicious sweet and promoting its consumption.