La Monumental de Barcelona celebrates International Bullfighting Day

La Monumental de Barcelona celebrates International Bullfighting Day

On May 16, 2024, Barcelona’s emblematic Monumental bullring will open its doors to commemorate International Bullfighting Day.

This event, organized by the Federation of Bullfighting Entities of Catalonia, will bring together fans and professionals from the world of bullfighting in a festive and vindictive act.

The choice of this date is no coincidence; May 16 commemorates the tragic fatal goring suffered by Joselito El Gallo in the Talavera de la Reina bullring in 1920. Coinciding with this commemoration, it seeks to vindicate the historical and cultural value of bullfighting, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Although the Monumental de Barcelona has not hosted bullfights since 2011, following the ban promoted by the Parliament of Catalonia in 2010, this celebration seeks to keep the bullfighting tradition alive in the region.

However, it is important to note that during the May 16 event there will be no animals in the arena; it will be a festival dedicated to bullfighting and bullfighting culture in general.

La Monumental de Barcelona celebrates

The program of activities includes a rally in front of the main gate of the Monumental, where a manifesto will be read and bullfighting poems will be recited. Afterwards, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in bullfighting activities, demonstrating their passion for this ancient tradition.

This celebration comes at a time of controversy, following the decision of the Ministry of Culture to eliminate the National Bullfighting Award. This measure has generated an intense debate, confronting the bullfighting sector with those who criticize the animal abuse associated with this practice.

Despite this, political figures such as Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Emiliano García-Page have announced their support for bullfighting and the possibility of creating alternative awards in their respective autonomous communities.

Farewell to bullfighting?

The ban on bullfighting in Catalonia, approved in 2010 and subsequently declared unconstitutional in 2016 by the Constitutional Court, has marked a before and after in the region’s bullfighting history.

Although the possibility of holding bullfights has been restored, the last time the big door of the Monumental was opened was in 2011, leaving a void in the Catalan bullfighting fans.

The confrontation between defenders and detractors of bullfighting continues to be the subject of controversy, especially in a context where sensitivity towards animal welfare is on the rise. However, for many, bullfighting remains an important part of Spanish culture and a manifestation of deep-rooted traditions.

The International Day of Bullfighting in the Monumental of Barcelona will be a celebration of bullfighting culture, will be the scene of a festive and vindicating day organized by the Federation of Bullfighting Organizations of Catalonia.