La Casa de les Punxes: one of the most characteristic modernist buildings in Barcelona.

La Casa de les Punxes - one of Barcelona's most characteristic modernist buildings1
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The Casa de les Punxes, also known as Casa Terradas, stands as one of the most prominent icons of Barcelona, playing a crucial role in the understanding of Catalan modernism. Conceived by the architect Puig i Cadafalch between 1903 and 1905, commissioned by the Terradas family, this building is an architectural testimony of great relevance.

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For more than a century, this majestic building remained off-limits to the public, but in 2016, its doors were finally opened. This modernist space, imbued with a magical air inspired by Wagnerian castles, is the ideal place to host exclusive events. Its three distinctive areas demonstrate elegance and distinction.

La Casa de les Punxes a place in Barcelona to visit and be dazzled.

At the apex of the structure, the Wagnerian rooftop dazzles with privileged views of Barcelona and its emblematic monuments such as Tibidabo and the Sagrada Familia. The characteristic “Punxes”, or spikes, frame this platform, and when the soft lighting bathes the iconic towers at sunset, the scenery takes on an unparalleled charm. The terrace, which extends over 600 m² and occupies an entire block of the Eixample, is presented as a unique space.

La Casa de les Punxes - one of the most characteristic modernist buildings in Barcelona.
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The Puig i Cadafalch penthouse, on the other hand, offers three interconnected areas that stand out for their flexibility and adaptability, providing a space that maintains the original decoration: hydraulic pavements and leaded stained glass windows, accompanied by the 1905 fireplace. A private balcony and multiple accesses, including the modernist elevator, complement this area.

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On the Noble floor, which is part of the museum’s exhibition space, there are several interconnected rooms covering 280 m² of modernism. Natural lighting and original decorative elements create a distinctive atmosphere. A variety of events can be held in this enclave, such as meetings, presentations, congresses, fashion shows, private parties and exhibitions.

A space for creativity

La Casa de les Punxes becomes a blank canvas for creativity and the splendor of events. Its versatility allows it to adapt to different needs, also offering cultural visits as a complementary activity.

Recently, CloudWorks, a coworking company has transformed this building into a hybrid space that houses both offices and events, without losing its unique essence. This new “Casa Les Punxes” spans 1,500 m² and features a 600 m² terrace, offering a range of opportunities for business meetings, presentations, exhibitions and more.

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Finally, the combination of the towers and the terrace offers a captivating experience, unifying corporate events with entertainment. La Casa de les Punxes stands as an extraordinary place, appreciated by lovers of the original and capable of leaving a precious memory in the minds of its visitors.

Address of La casa de les Punxes: diagonal 416, Barcelona.