In Sabadell you can surf thanks to an artificial wave pool

In Sabadel you will be able to surf thanks to a pool of artificial waves

With an investment of 14 million euros, between 2023 and 2024 Sabadell will have an artificial wave pool, ideal for surfing.

This pool is one of the first in the country, as well as in Europe.

It will be located in the area of La Bassa in Sabadell, a very summery area.

It will be 140 meters long and 35 meters wide with waves that can reach 2.4 meters in height.

The leisure area will also have a gym, a skatepark and a restaurant area. The total project contemplates the occupation of approximately 30,000 square meters.

Sabadell artificial wave pool to be built from 2023 onwards

Work will begin in early 2023 and is projected to last about 15 months. The time is a bit long, as these pools are a phenomenon and more than 100 projects are currently planned for construction around the world.

The pool will comply with all landscape and environmental requirements, without implying any urban impact on the area.

Photovoltaic panels will also be installed and green light will be used. It will be an environmentally sustainable scenario.

This aquatic scenario will be for surfers and non-surfers alike. It is open to tourists, trainees, professionals and school groups.

It is estimated to have about 63,000 users per year and about 160,000 visitors.

The new artificial wave pool will generate about 65 jobs and will be the joy of locals and visitors in Barcelona.

It will operate under a 40-year public concession, with a fee of 41,700 euros per year.