For Free Comic Book Day, bookstores will give away free comics

For Free Comic Book Day, bookstores will give away free comic books

The bookstores specialized in comics in Barcelona are getting ready to celebrate Free Comic Book Day, an event that takes place every second Saturday of May since 2010.

It is characterized by the fact that during the day comics are given away to anyone who enters one of the participating stores.

This year, after a pause forced by the pandemic, the event will be held again on May 13, 2023 in dozens of stores in Barcelona and across the country.

The Free Comic Book Day is an initiative that seeks to promote reading and publicize the role of specialized comic book stores to a general public that is often unaware of their existence.

In addition, this day becomes a festive occasion for regular readers, as many stores take the opportunity to hold signing sessions and other activities related to the world of comics.

Free Comic Book Day

The event started in 2002 in American comic book stores and consisted of giving away a free comic book to anyone who visited one of the participating stores.

Since then, Free Comic Book Day has become a global event celebrated all over the world.

In Spain, it is always celebrated on the second Saturday of May and several comics are published by publishing houses and collaborating authors.

These copies will be among those that people will be able to choose to take home for free, simply by entering one of the participating stores that day and while stocks last.

Establishments in the Catalan capital

In Barcelona about eight establishments join the celebration of Free Comic Book Day. In addition, they will give away nine collector’s volumes to those who visit the sites.

The participating bookstores are: Atom Cómics, Norma Comics, Gigamesh, Espai Cómic, Universal Cómics, Arquetipo Cómics, Manhattan Cómics and Fatbottom Books.

Free Comic Book Day is not only an opportunity to get free comics, but also to discover new stories and characters.

Many times, we don’t know how many different comics there are out there waiting for us.

In fact, they are not discovered until we enter a bookstore specializing in comics for the first time.

This event is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the world of comics and to delve into genres and styles that we may not have explored before.

Comics are a means of artistic expression that combine text and image to tell stories.

We found comics of all kinds, from classic superhero comics to more experimental works of art, as well as adaptations of movies and TV series.

The Free Comic Book Day is an event that seeks to promote reading and disseminate the work of specialized bookstores.