FGC inaugurates new halt at the Segre Industrial Estate in Lleida

FGC inaugurates new halt at the Segre Industrial Estate in Lleida

Public transport in Lleida will take a step forward on March 18, 2024 with the opening of the new halt in the Segre Industrial Park, an initiative led by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC).

This new station, known as the Baixador del Polígon Industrial del Segre, reinforces FGC’s commitment to promoting sustainable and accessible transport in the region.

The strategic location of this station, located between the Lleida-Pirineus and Alcoletge stations on the Lleida-La Pobla de Segur line, offers more direct access to workers in the industrial park and allows fluid connections with important agricultural, natural and cultural areas in the area.

The optional stop service, which requires users to request that the train stop, ensures a personalized and efficient travel experience.

The new halt at the Segre Industrial Estate in Lleida

The project, which was completed in four months of intense work, required an investment of 453,000 euros, partially financed by European Next Generation funds.

Among the improvements made is the creation of a pedestrian access from Industria Avenue, with an illuminated sidewalk 1.80 meters wide, which facilitates access to the baixador from the industrial park.

The station has a platform 80 meters long and 3 meters wide, protected by a 10-meter canopy.

In addition, a parking area for vehicles and bicycles, managed by FGC, has been created to promote intermodal transport in the area and improve accessibility for users.

This new infrastructure not only improves connectivity to the Segre Industrial Park, but also facilitates access to areas of great natural and cultural value.

For example, it promotes visits to the Mitjana Park, a protected natural area that is home to a diversity of ecosystems. It also provides access to the agricultural area of Grenyana and to the Molí del Cervià, a cultural asset of local interest.

FGC’s commitment to the promotion of sustainable and accessible public transport is reflected in this initiative, which seeks not only to improve the mobility of citizens, but also to promote the preservation and enjoyment of natural and cultural spaces in the region.

The new halt at the Segre Industrial Estate represents a step forward in FGC’s efforts to promote sustainable and accessible public transport in the city. This initiative strengthens the connection between urban and industrial areas and facilitates access to important natural and cultural sites in the region.

The main objective is to optimize the mobility of workers in the area and facilitate access to important natural and cultural areas, which is of great benefit to the city.