Exploring the surrealist world of Dalí through a digital art experience.

Exploring the surrealist world of Dalí through a digital art experience.

In a unique fusion between art and technology, the long-awaited ‘Dalí Challenge’ arrives in Barcelona, a digital art exhibition that promises to immerse us in the extravagant and fascinating universe of the surrealist genius Salvador Dalí.

Scheduled to open its doors on June 13, 2024 at the Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona, this exhibition is presented as an immersive experience that brings together a selection of digitized masterpieces by the Catalan artist in a large format.

From its debut in Madrid to its current exhibition in Sao Paulo, ‘Dalí Challenge’ has aroused great interest worldwide, and its arrival in Barcelona promises to be equally impressive.

Dalí through a digital art experience

What makes this exhibition so unique is its ability to bring together works that are scattered around the world into a single space. Thanks to the magic of technology, visitors will have the opportunity to explore Dalí’s creative world in a completely new way.

From the reconstruction of his studio to other surreal environments, the experience will also include virtual reality elements that will allow viewers to further immerse themselves in the artist’s universe.

The exhibition, supervised by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, seeks not only to entertain, but also to educate the public about the life and work of the famous painter. More than 60 large-format digitized works, micro-mapping technology, virtual and augmented reality will be used to transport visitors through Dalí’s creative mind and reveal the depth of his art.

The magic of Dalí Challenge

One of the highlights of ‘Dalí Challenge’ is its focus on storytelling and teaching. Visitors will be able to enjoy an audio story available in several languages that will take them through Dalí’s life and experiences, from his childhood in Figueres to his relationship with his muse Gala and his studio in Portlligat.

What makes ‘Dalí Challenge’ so special is its innovative approach to presenting art. Through the magic of technology, the exhibition brings together large-format digitized works, allowing visitors to explore the depth and detail of each of Dalí’s surrealist creations.

From his iconic soft watches to his dreamlike landscapes, the exhibition offers a unique sensory experience that challenges perception and stimulates the imagination.

But ‘Dalí Challenge’ doesn’t stop there. In addition to the digitized artworks, the exhibition features immersive scenographies that transport viewers into Dalí’s inner world.

Through technologies such as micromapping, virtual and augmented reality, visitors can explore Portlligat’s studio, fly over the landscapes that inspired the artist and immerse themselves in his deepest obsessions.