Dua Lipa enjoyed a gastronomic adventure in Barcelona

Dua Lipa enjoyed a gastronomic adventure in Barcelona

The acclaimed singer Dua Lipa has once again conquered Barcelona, one of her favorite cities, and this time she has done it not only to delight her fans with her music, but also to immerse herself in the rich Catalan gastronomic culture.

With an obvious passion for good food and authentic flavors, Dua Lipa has taken advantage of her visit to the city to enjoy one of her favorite restaurants: Gresca.

Located in the charming neighborhood of Provença, Gresca is a small and chic tapas restaurant that has captivated the palate of the British singer.

On this occasion, Dua Lipa shared some snapshots of her culinary experience on her Instagram account, where she can be seen enjoying delicious tapas, such as boquerones en vinagre (anchovies in vinegar) and shredded cod skewers.

The choice of the restaurant is not surprising, as the quality and authenticity of its cuisine have made it a point of reference for food lovers in Barcelona.

Dua Lipa: Catalan gastronomy and new videoclip

But Dua Lipa’s visit to Barcelona is not only about good food; it is also linked to her work as an artist. The singer has chosen Barcelona as the setting for the video clip of one of the singles from her upcoming album, ‘Radical Optimism’.

The images show her in the jumping pools of Montjuïc, taking advantage of the breathtaking views of the city as a backdrop for her audiovisual production.

This is not the first time Dua Lipa has shown her love for Spanish gastronomy. Last year, the talented artist celebrated her birthday on the island of Ibiza, where she enjoyed an authentic Spanish paella with her closest friends.

The choice of two types of rice, one with vegetables and the other with seafood, caused a sensation in social networks and generated debates about the authenticity of this traditional dish.

Dua Lipa’s love for Spain is undeniable and her recurring visit to the country shows her appreciation for its culture, its people and of course, its delicious food. With each culinary experience, the British singer not only enjoys new flavors, but also contributes to promoting Catalonia’s gastronomic richness on the international stage.

Music and gastronomy to delight Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s visit to Barcelona has not only been an opportunity to work on her new music, but also to enjoy the culinary delights that the city has to offer.

With her choice of restaurants and her enthusiasm for exploring new flavors, the singer has once again demonstrated her love for Spanish gastronomy and her connection to the local culture.

Barcelona is one of his favorite destinations.