Color codes for the blind benefit all public transportation users

Color codes for the blind benefit all public transportation users

Barcelona has taken a further step to improve the experience of all its public transport users. For the past five years, colorful color codes designed to facilitate the mobility of people who are blind or have low vision have been displayed in the city’s subway stations and bus stops.

These codes, called DDtags, have been an invaluable tool for those who use the Navilens application, allowing them to receive crucial information to move around the city with greater autonomy.

But DDtags are not simple QR codes; their design allows them to be read from a considerable distance and from any angle, without the need to point the phone’s camera directly at them. This capability makes them an exceptionally useful tool for the visually impaired.

The information provided includes details about transportation lines, schedules and possible service disruptions, transforming the way blind people interact with the public transportation environment.

Extension of color-coding service to all users

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) has decided to extend the benefits of this system to all public transport users. With the latest update of its mobile application, anyone can now use DDtags to get real-time information about the next train passing or service incidents.

This advance means that travelers can make informed decisions before stepping off the platform, accelerating their pace if necessary or seeking alternatives in the event of service disruptions.

This innovation not only improves accessibility but also optimizes the travel experience for all users, offering an additional tool to plan their trips more efficiently.

Integration of mobility services

The renewed TMB application does not stop at providing information about the metro and buses. It now also includes details of other mobility services in the city, such as Bicing and minute rental scooters from companies like Cooltra, Bolt and Donkey Republic.

This integration allows users to plan their trips using a combination of different modes of transportation, all from a single platform.

In addition, the AMBici pass, the bike-sharing system of the Barcelona metropolitan area, can be purchased through the new TMB app. This expansion reflects an effort to consolidate mobility services under a single interface, facilitating access to and use of multiple sustainable transportation options.

The extension of the use of DDtags to all public transport users in Barcelona represents a significant step towards a more inclusive and efficient mobility.

The implementation of accessible technologies improves the daily experience of the city’s residents and visitors.