Cirque du Soleil will be in Barcelona until January 22nd.

Hasta el 22 de enero el Cirque du Soleil estará en Barcelona

“Crystal” is the new show on ice with which Cirque du Soleil returns to Barcelona.  The circus company will be in the city until January 22, 2023, and then continue its tour throughout Europe.

The world-famous Canadian group will perform in the central part of the Palau Sant Jordi to premiere its latest performance.

“Crystal” is a show on ice where acrobatics, skating, music and visual projections are mixed, as indicated by its artistic director Rob Tannion.

Cirque du Soleil in Barcelona with “Crystal”.

“Crystal” is the name of the protagonist of the work embodied by Nikol Gosviiani.

It tells the story of this young “heroine”, with a creative character and misunderstood by her environment.

She seeks to escape from her reality and when she goes skating in the park, she falls into the water when the ice of a frozen pond breaks.

From there, she plunges into a deep journey of self-knowledge.

From this moment on, the audience enters the heroine’s mind and becomes part of her imagination. All among juggling, trapeze, aerial ribbons and figure skating.

Along the way, she discovers that her strong point is creativity and that with this new power, she is able to find her true “self” and return to reality.

It is a wonderful and colorful show that lasts two and a half hours and takes place on an ice rink 25 meters long by 15 meters wide.

The circus acts presented follow the rhythm of the music composed by Maxim Pelage, composer of Cirque du Soleil, which is performed live by musicians playing an accordion, saxophones, clarinets and a piano.

It features a cast of 44 international artists, including freestyle and risky ice skaters, musicians, acrobats and a comic character of eleven different nationalities.

To achieve the staging, all the artists had to learn how to ice skate. Training very hard to be able to take on the constant “interaction and exchange of techniques” that is observed throughout the show.

Among the artists of different nationalities, they speak more than 18 languages and are part of the work on the ice where live music is mixed with extreme acrobatics.

The Catalan capital: last stop in Spain

Crystal is the first show on ice that Cirque du Soleil presents in Barcelona.

While the montage was premiered worldwide in 2017 and has already visited more than 100 cities in 12 countries, until last December 10 it arrived in Spain initially in Malaga and Pamplona.

After its performances in Barcelona, the show will continue its tour in Belgium, Germany, Norway and Finland.

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