Barcelona prepares to shine as the world capital of global architecture in 2026

Barcelona prepares to shine as the world capital of global architecture in 2026

Barcelona is preparing to assume an even more prominent role on the world stage. In 2026, the capital of Catalonia will be the epicenter of global architecture, hosting a series of events and activities that will highlight its importance in the field of architecture and urbanism.

The announcement that Barcelona will be the World Capital of Architecture in 2026 has generated great excitement and expectation in the city. This prestigious title not only recognizes Barcelona’s rich architectural legacy, but also highlights its role as a leader at the forefront of urban design and sustainable planning.

BCN world capital of global architecture in 2026

One of the highlights of this event will be the Congress of the International Union of Architects, which will be held in the city during the summer.

This congress will bring together architects, urban planners and industry professionals from around the world to discuss and address key challenges facing our society, from climate change to access to affordable housing.

In addition to the congress, Barcelona will host a wide range of activities and events in all its districts, from exhibitions and architectural routes to workshops and competitions.

The goal of these activities will be to celebrate the city’s rich architectural heritage and highlight the transformative role that architecture plays in our daily lives.

A true legacy

But Barcelona is not only looking to the future; it is also committed to leaving a lasting legacy in the city. As part of the preparations for the event, a large-scale model of Barcelona will be created, which will serve as an educational and awareness-raising tool on the importance of urban design and spatial planning.

In addition, an international ideas competition will be launched to intervene in the city’s median walls, with the aim of improving the urban landscape and encouraging creativity in architectural design.

These artistic and thematic interventions will focus on values such as livability, sustainability and biodiversity, reflecting Barcelona’s commitment to responsible and sustainable urban development.

But the road to Barcelona 2026 is not only paved with major events; it also includes a program of Architecture Weeks to be held in the years leading up to the main event.

These weeks will serve as a prelude to the big event, offering a wide variety of activities and events to engage the local community and set the stage for what is to come.

Barcelona is preparing to shine as never before on the world architectural stage. With a focus on innovation, creativity and sustainability, the city is ready to show the world why it is considered one of the most important architectural capitals on the planet.