Barcelona opens Europe’s first museum of rock star guitars

Barcelona opens Europe's first museum of rock star guitars

The city of Barcelona is preparing to welcome a new and exciting cultural landmark: the Guitar Legends Hall, the first museum in Europe dedicated exclusively to rock star guitars. This museum, which will open its doors on June 7, 2024, promises to be a must-see destination for lovers of rock music and history.

Located in a 1,500 square meter palace at 16 Portaferrissa Street, the Guitar Legends Hall houses an impressive collection of more than 50 electric guitars that were played by some of rock’s greatest legends. The collection includes instruments from iconic bands such as Metallica, Dire Straits, Queen, Bon Jovi, and many more.

The driving force behind this ambitious project is Juan José Castellano, a passionate guitar collector who has dedicated his life to acquiring and preserving these valuable instruments.

A historical tour through the guitars of rock stars

The Guitar Legends Hall collection is divided into two main categories: guitars that were in the possession and use of illustrious musicians and limited editions of models made for specific musicians, with the signature of the guitarist in question.

Among the most outstanding treasures are the Gibson Melody Maker used by Gary Moore with Thin Lizzy and the Ibanez Steve Vai JEM DNA, a model that in addition to Steve Vai’s signature, includes his blood mixed with the paint.

Each guitar displayed in the museum has a unique history and is contextualized in its historical and cultural environment. Visitors will be able to learn about the evolution of the electric guitar and its impact on rock music through themed exhibits and interactive spaces.

Thematic areas of the museum

Guitar Legends Hall is divided into eight themed zones:

  1. Temporary Exhibition on the Electrification of the Guitar: A journey through the history of the electric guitar, from its early days to the present day.
  2. Replica of a 50’s Blues Bar: A space that recreates the atmosphere of a typical blues bar, with guitars of legends such as BB King and Eric Clapton.
  3. Permanent Exhibition on Rock’s Arrival on Television: Includes a George Harrison guitar and explores how television helped popularize rock.
  4. Space dedicated to the Woodstock Festival: Exhibits guitars of artists who participated in the legendary festival, such as Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and Neal Schon.
  5. MTV’s Impact on Music: Featuring instruments from iconic bands such as The Cure and Kiss, this section looks at how MTV transformed the music industry.
  6. Recreation of a Concert Hall: An innovative space where holograms of musicians playing famous riffs and solos are projected. These holograms were created using artificial intelligence to replicate the features of the original musicians.