Barcelona: How do locals fight tourist noise? A Tik-Toker tells the story

Barcelona: How do locals fight tourist noise? A Tick-Toker tells the story

Barcelona is a tourist destination par excellence. Travelers are looking to find authentic corners of the city, which has become a trend. However, this phenomenon is not without consequences, especially in cities like Barcelona, where gentrification and uncontrolled tourist noise are affecting the quality of life of local residents.

In a video shared on social networks by user @alexrawlangs, a Barcelona resident known as Pepe (not his real name) reveals the unconventional methods that residents of the city are using to deal with the nighttime noise generated by tourists.

It all happened one night when Pepe was at home with his wife having a “loving” evening. “Everything started to heat up, but with the noise we couldn’t…”

Consumed by nerves, Pepe stuck his head out of the balcony and shouted, “We’re fucking here!” but nothing and only received insults in return. Immediately, he took out an egg sack and threw it out the window. Then a plate of ham and they ignored it. He ended up throwing some potatoes out the window, but the noise was still there.

Despite Pepe’s desperate attempt to silence the drunken passersby, none of his methods worked.

So, with one last hope to raise awareness of how annoying tourism can be, Pepe agreed to share his story in the video to see if the networks, where the problem escalated, can also work the same magic to appease him.

According to Pepe, the situation has reached a critical point, with the increase in tourism that has transformed some areas of Barcelona into real “circuses”. Faced with the invasion of tourists and the lack of respect for the tranquility of the neighbors, Pepe has developed his own methods to try to keep the peace during the night.

How do locals fight tourist noise?

One such method involves the use of eggs as a first line of defense against excessive noise. According to Pepe, throwing eggs from his balcony into the noisy crowd is his way of expressing his frustration and making tourists aware of the negative impact they are having on the lives of local residents.

Pepe’s video is just one example of the growing tension between tourists and locals in Barcelona.

However, throwing eggs from balconies is not the only measure residents are taking. Some have resorted to more extreme methods, such as playing loud music or even organizing street protests to draw attention to the problem of uncontrolled tourism.

Pepe’s case illustrates the daily struggle of Barcelona residents to preserve their tranquility in the face of the growing influx of tourists.