Barcelona City Hall promotes electronic notification

Barcelona City Hall promotes electronic notificationThe Barcelona City Council encourages the use of electronic notification, which is more environmentally friendly, secure and simple. This function is mandatory for legal entities and companies, this will help to eliminate paper notices and receive them by SMS or email.

This action demonstrates an important step towards sustainability and modernization, hence the Barcelona City Council has decided to launch an ambitious campaign to promote the use of electronic notification among citizens.

This new strategy consists of gradually replacing paper notifications with a digital version. This offers multiple benefits for both residents and the entire public administration.

Streamline and manage procedures

The electronic notification is a way to communicate online and will help to speed up the procedures and formalities that are done with the City Council, reducing the environmental impact. Therefore, it is mandatory for companies and legal entities and voluntary for individuals, who can only receive them electronically.

How can it be processed?

It should be noted that this request can only be processed in the Registry of subscribers to the Electronic Notification Service of the Barcelona City Council. To review the application, each time there is a new notification, the user will receive a notification by SMS or e-mail through a link to consult it from a digital platform.

Training workshops are also being conducted to ensure that all citizens benefit from this new system. Likewise, information campaigns will be carried out to ensure that no citizen is unaware of the situation.

As Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona stated, “The implementation of electronic notification is a key measure in our digitalization and sustainability strategy.”

He also noted that, “Not only does it improve the efficiency and security of our communications, but it also represents a firm commitment to the environment, significantly reducing paper usage and associated emissions.”

Advantages of electronic notification

Receiving electronic notification has some advantages. Here are some of them:

More availability

This means that the user will be able to receive notifications immediately, and will also have access to it from any computer, tablet or cell phone, anywhere and at any time.

Increased safety

The probability of losing the probability of error or loss of physical notification is reduced. In addition, privacy with respect to the City Council will be assured.

More sustainability

This reduction in the use of paper will reduce the environmental impact and save money.

Finally, the Barcelona City Council invites citizens to be part of this initiative, highlighting that the transition to electronic notification represents a step towards a modern administration and a gesture towards a more sustainable future.