Badalona’s Festes de Maig: music, tradition and community

Badalona's Festes de Maig: music, tradition and community

Every year, the month of May brings an explosion of joy and excitement to the streets of Badalona with the arrival of the Festes de Maig. This annual festival, dedicated to the city’s co-patron saint, San Anastasio, is much more than just a celebration: it is a tribute to the identity and history of this charming seaside town.

The Festes de Maig are four weeks of celebration full of free activities, concerts, traditions that begin on May 10. It is a unique experience that combines the best of tradition, culture and music.

This year, residents and visitors to Badalona can look forward to an exciting schedule of events.

The musical offer at the Festes de Maig in Badalona

One of the highlights of the Festes de Maig is its incredible musical offer. From local artists to international talent, music fills the air throughout the festival.

With concerts in emblematic places such as Can Solei and Ca l’Arnús Park, the seafront promenade and President Tarradellas square, there is something for all tastes and musical preferences.

This year, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy performances by artists such as Stay Homas, Els Amics de les Arts, Suu and Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte, among others. With a variety of musical genres ranging from pop to rock and traditional Catalan music, the Festes de Maig concerts promise to be an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

But the Festes de Maig are not only limited to music; they also offer an opportunity to participate in traditions and customs rooted in the history of Badalona. The opening proclamation marks the beginning of the festivities and welcomes the attendees with enthusiasm and joy.

Events to enjoy

Events such as the Square Dance, the Sacramental Act and the exciting Cremada del Dimoni bring to life the city’s rich cultural heritage and bring the community together around its shared values.

The Night of San Anastasio is the highlight of the celebrations, with a packed program of events ranging from the traditional Baile del Àliga to a drone and pyro-musical show on the fishermen’s beach.

The festive atmosphere and sense of community are intensified as residents and visitors come together to celebrate this special occasion.

The Festes de Maig offer opportunities to participate in traditional activities such as the Baile de Sardanas and the Pasada de San Anastasio. These events, which have been part of life in Badalona for generations, offer a window into the rich history and traditions rooted in the very fabric of the city.