Ali Ocakbasi: exquisite Turkish cuisine in the Eixample district of Barcelona

Ali Ocakbasi: exquisite Turkish cuisine in the Eixample district of Barcelona

In Barcelona there is now a place that stands out for offering a unique culinary experience: Ali Ocakbasi, a Turkish restaurant located in the heart of Eixample, on Enric Granados street.

This establishment has earned a place in the city’s gastronomic panorama thanks to its delicious food and its elegant and sophisticated ambience.

Ali Ocakbasi offers diners a taste of Turkey in a setting that masterfully combines style and design. Unlike other restaurants serving Turkish cuisine in Barcelona, Ali Ocakbasi is distinguished by its focus on quality, authenticity and culinary innovation.

The restaurant has been designed with class and elegance, with an ambiance that can be adapted to both intimate occasions and festive celebrations. From the moment you enter, you sense a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere that invites you to enjoy an exceptional dining experience.

Ali Ocakbasi: exquisite Turkish cuisine

Ali Ocakbasi’s philosophy is to share delicious dishes and create memorable moments around the table. Its extensive menu offers a wide variety of traditional Anatolian dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic spices that highlight the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine.

Diners can start their experience with a selection of mezzes or appetizers, which include delicacies such as Cig Kofte, Kopoglu, Cirit Efesi and Ali Tarator. These dishes, accompanied by freshly baked bread, are perfect to whet your appetite and explore the vibrant flavors of Turkish cuisine.

For those who prefer main courses, Ali Ocakbasi offers a variety of options ranging from lamb kebabs to grilled meat dishes. Highlights include the Beyti, a lamb kebab wrapped in lavash bread and topped with yogurt and tomato sauce, and the Gevrek, served over roasted eggplant puree.

For all tastes

Meat lovers will find on the grill options such as Zirh, Kusleme and Pirzola, all prepared with traditional cooking techniques that highlight the quality and flavor of the meat.

For those who wish to put a sweet finishing touch to their meal, Ali Ocakbasi offers a selection of delicious desserts, such as Kunefe, a crispy cake filled with melted cheese and topped with syrup and pistachios.

In addition to its excellent food, Ali Ocakbasi has a wide selection of wines and spirits to complement each meal. With an average ticket that varies according to the chosen dishes, this restaurant offers an exceptional gastronomic experience that is worth discovering.

Ali Ocakbasi is much more than a Turkish restaurant in Barcelona: it is a gastronomic destination that combines the culinary tradition of Anatolia with an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.