A Dama Mohor Gazelle calf is born at Barcelona Zoo

A Dama Mohor Gazelle calf is born at Barcelona Zoo

In the continuous effort to preserve biodiversity and protect endangered species, the Barcelona Zoo has witnessed an extraordinary event: the birth of a baby Dama Mohor Gazelle. This is cause for great celebration and represents a step forward in conservation efforts for this critically endangered subspecies.

The Dama Mohor Gazelle, native to the sub-desert regions of southern Morocco and Western Sahara, has faced numerous threats over the years, from climate change to indiscriminate hunting and habitat loss.

In the middle of the last century, this beautiful species reached the brink of extinction in its natural range.

However, thanks to the efforts of captive breeding programs, such as the one initiated by the Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas de Almería in 1971, this gazelle species has had a chance to recover.

This program has allowed the reintroduction of the species in reserves and national parks, and the birth of this calf at the Barcelona Zoo is a clear indicator of the success of these conservation initiatives.

A Dama Mohor Gazelle calf is born at Barcelona Zoo

The new calf, a male born on February 7, represents hope for his species. Their good health and their interaction with other specimens of the group are encouraging signs of their adaptation and survival in their environment.

Under the watchful eye and protection of his mother, this little antelope will explore the world and grow with the support of the zoo’s team of keepers.

The Dama Mohor Gazelle is distinguished by its elegant figure, with long legs and a reddish-brown coat on the body and white on the underparts and tail. Their characteristic horns are a distinctive mark of this species.

As an adaptation to its arid environment, the gazelle is able to survive for long periods without water, feeding on grasses and seeds that it finds along the way.

In its search for food, the Dama Mohor Gazelle faces numerous dangers, from extreme weather to the presence of predators such as hyenas, jackals, lions and cheetahs.

In addition, human activity also poses a threat to their survival, making conservation efforts even more crucial.

The rescue of an endangered species

The success of the dama mohor gazelle reintroduction program at the Barcelona Zoo is a testament to the institution’s commitment to biodiversity conservation.

By collaborating in the recovery of this endangered species, the zoo not only contributes to the preservation of wildlife, but also plays a key role in educating and raising public awareness.