Traditional calçots: where to eat the best calçots in Barcelona

Los tradicionales calçots: dónde comer los mejores en Barcelona

The traditional calçots are a typical product of Catalan gastronomy and its season is highly anticipated by lovers of good food.

The calçot is a variety of spring onion grown in the inland area of Catalonia and is roasted with a live flame of vine shoots until it is well done.

It is wrapped in newspaper and served in a tile with calçot sauce or romesco sauce, which is the perfect accompaniment to this delicacy.

For those who cannot go to Valls in Tarragona to taste the traditional calçots, there are very good restaurants in Barcelona that offer delicious calçotada menus at very good prices.

Where to eat the traditional calçots

Mussol Glòries

One such restaurant is Mussol Glòries, which offers a calçotada menu for 34 euros that is available for lunch and dinner every day.

The Mussols have achieved their recognition for the exquisite meals they have been serving since the 1990s. In addition, they have managed to generate spaces that evoke and transfer to the center of Barcelona the charm and gastronomy of the old farmhouses of Catalonia.

Can Travi Nou

Another restaurant that you should not miss is Can Travi Nou, an authentic Catalan farmhouse located very close to the center of the city, recognized for its charming appearance and for being a gastronomic reference in Barcelona.

They have more than 30 years of experience, offering a wide variety of Catalan cuisine dishes and, of course, their specialty is calçots.

The calçotada menu is priced at 37 euros and, in addition to the calçots, includes various dishes such as meats, grilled artichokes, potatoes and aioli.

Masía Can Borrell to eat the traditional calçots

You can also visit Masía Can Borrell, an emblematic place where an authentic calçotada is celebrated in the traditional way.

In its restaurant, the calçotada is a special event and, therefore, is only available in the months of January and February. The menu costs 38 euros and in addition to the calçots includes various meat and vegetable dishes.

If you are a gastronomy lover and you find yourself in Barcelona during the calçots season, do not hesitate to visit some of these restaurants to enjoy a delicious calçotada.

But if you have the opportunity to go to Valls, don’t miss the Gran Fiesta de la Calçotada, a historical celebration and one of the most popular gastronomic festivals in Catalonia, where you can taste the best calçots and live an unforgettable experience.

The calçots are one of the most emblematic gastronomic delights of Catalonia.

The history of calçots dates back to the 19th century, when farmers in the area of Valls (Tarragona) began to roast them and serve them with a special sauce (the “romesco sauce”).

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