Tibidabo: what to do and see at Barcelona’s highest point

Tibidabo- qué hacer y ver en el punto más alto de Barcelona
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Tibidabo is the highest mountain in Barcelona, specifically 512 meters that make it possible to admire it from almost anywhere in the city. Therefore, visiting it is a must, not only because it is an incredible viewpoint, but also because there are additional activities you can do while you are there. So, don’t miss the opportunity to live this magnificent experience at least once in your life.

But before giving you an idea of activities to do in Tibidabo, you should know that this is part of the Natural Park of Collserola, which is not only the lung of the city, but it is one of the favorite places for hiking and other sports activities.

4 plans that you have to do while you are in Tibidabo

1. Activate the adrenaline from the heights

Did you know that at the top of Tibidabo there is an amusement park? Possibly, yes you did, but what you don’t know is that it is the oldest in Spain and the second oldest in Europe, after the Vienna Prater. This antiquity gives it a unique identity, because it has games that could be catalogued as from other times. Having fun from the heights, what more could you ask from life?

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2. The church, worth admiring

The Tibidabo church, which is dedicated to Don Bosco, was built in 1902 and completed in 1961. It is divided into two parts, the crypt at the bottom and the church at the top. If you look closely, you can see at the top of the temple a Christ the Redeemer embracing the whole city.

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3. Excursions and sports in the Natural Park

Collserola Natural Park is the perfect place to enjoy a stroll, either walking or cycling. But hiking is one of the favorite activities for locals, because it definitely has charming and very quiet trails, away from the chaos of the city.

Our recommendations if you want to go hiking:

Obviously, the hike up Tibidabo from Barcelona is a magnificent excursion. But you will also love other trails that go through the park’s fountains such as Font Vella and Font de Budellera. In addition, we tell you that the park has an artificial lake, the Pantano de Vallvidrera.

Parque Natural de Collserola
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4. Visit the Fabra observatory to see the stars.

This observatory was built in the early twentieth century on a buttress at the bottom of Tibidabo. Of course, it is best to visit it at night and you must book to enjoy a great starry night. If you want to see the stars while in Barcelona, this is the only way, as light pollution prevents them from being seen from any other point in the city.

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What do you want to do from the highest point in Barcelona?


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