Skyline Barcelona: The tallest buildings

Skyline Barcelona

Barcelona is beautiful for many reasons. And yes, of course, among those reasons are its buildings, the oldest and the most modern ones too…
Today, we want to make a tour of the tallest buildings in the city. And is that, among so much architectural work, it is easy to get lost when identifying those that make up the Barcelona Skyline.

The first urban redevelopment of the city took place on the occasion of the Olympic Games in 1992. It was then that some of the city’s most famous buildings were erected, the Mapfre Tower and the Hotel Arts in the Olympic Village, both 154 meters high.

The Universal Forum of Cultures, in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, was another of the architectural impulses … and both the famous neighborhood and its surrounding areas, thanks to these buildings, were integrated into the rest of the city.

The Agbar Tower, undoubtedly, in addition to the beauty of its design, stands out as one of the tallest buildings in Barcelona, specifically, its 142 meters high make it the third tallest in the city.

But the Barcelona skyline is constantly evolving, it is not something fixed or definitive.
And in this sense, we can talk about the Sagrada Familia; it is estimated that in 2026 the works of Antoni Gaudí’s building will be completed, and among the towers that it will have, some will exceed the height of the Hotel Arts and the Mapfre Tower. And some of the towers of the Sagrada Familia will be more than 172 meters high.

The tallest tower in Barcelona, Montjuïc, is 173 meters high.

The great Gaudi considered it the mountain of God. And the theory goes that this should be the maximum height of the city’s buildings…

Since December 2021 the skyline of Barcelona has changed thanks to the star of Maria de la Sagrada Familia.

On top of it today there is a star that can be admired from almost all over the city.

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