What can you do in Plaza Catalunya? Believe it or not, there are many things

¿Qué hay para hacer en Plaza Catalunya? Aunque no lo creas, muchas cosas
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We know, Plaza Catalunya is usually a place that is unattractive to stay, and for this reason it is basically a place of passage. But all is not lost, because this time we want to tell you about some hidden treasures in its surroundings, do you want to know what they are? We tell you everything, below!

And we are not going to talk about the most popular attractions like Gaudí or La Rambla or its tributaries such as Paseo de Gracia or Portal del Angel. They are excellent options to do something different in this area, and we assure you that it is not about shopping in one of the malls that surround it.

4 Interesting places in Plaza Catalunya (or very close to it)

1. Visit the Santa Anna Church and transport yourself to the past (Sant Anna Church. C/ Santa Anna, 29.)

There is a magnificent corner of peace right next to Plaza Catalunya. It is an alley that you enter and think it is a time tunnel and is adjacent to the Hard Rock. It is a monastery that is no more and no less than a thousand years old.

The Monastery of Santa Ana is a Romanesque trace hidden among the most commercial streets of the city. It is a church that is an asset of national interest with a cloister that transports you to another era and is always open for the homeless. It also serves as a field hospital.

2. How about a delicious coffee in Dalston (Carrer de les Ramelleres, 16)?

Yes, it’s a tiny coffee shop, but you don’t have to be disappointed. Because here they serve one of the most delicious specialty coffees -roasted by themselves- in the area. Dalston emerged in 2017 and since then it has become a reference for coffee lovers, even better if you accompany it with any of their options in pastries and sandwiches.

3. Go to the Comedia Cinemas for only 5 euros very close to Plaza Catalunya.

Surely this option is not new to you, but it is worth remembering that just a few steps from Plaza Catalunya there is a cinema where you only have to pay 5 euros to enter. In addition, you can find commercial and independent films.

4. Delight in Teresa Carles with the best vegetarian food (Jovellanos, 2).

It is located in one of the streets of the Raval, just a few steps from Pelai street. This is one of the first vegetarian restaurants opened in Barcelona, and its chef has more than 35 years of experience.

What can we tell you about this restaurant? That it offers a price-quality ratio that you will love. And that their creations such as spinach with coconut cream, poached eggs and spiced pumpkin are out of this world.

Do you know other places in Plaza Catalunya? We read you!

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