Gaudí’s buildings are not only in Barcelona: find out where there are others

No sólo en Barcelona hay edificios de Gaudí: conoce dónde hay otros

Antoni Gaudí’s legacy is not limited to Barcelona alone; his creations extend to various parts of Spain. The renowned modernist architect is widely recognised for his influence on architecture and buildings, particularly in the city of Barcelona.

His masterpieces, which adorn the Catalan capital, attract tourists and architecture lovers from all over the world. We tell you about three of the most outstanding buildings designed by Gaudí outside Barcelona.

Gaudí’s Buildings: A Legacy Beyond Barcelona

1. Episcopal Palace of Astorga, Castile and León

In the picturesque town of Astorga, located in Castilla y León, stands the majestic Palacio Episcopal de Astorga. Designed by Antoni Gaudí between 1889 and 1915, this building is a stunning example of Gaudí’s ability to fuse Gothic and Modernist elements into a single architectural masterpiece. The Palacio Episcopal de Astorga stands out for its beauty and functionality, and is a testament to the architect’s creative genius.

This building combines Gothic architectural elements, such as pointed arches and ornamental details, with Gaudí’s modernist style. The fusion of these styles creates a unique structure that reflects the architect’s innovative vision. The Episcopal Palace of Astorga is an architectural landmark worth visiting to appreciate Gaudí’s versatility beyond Barcelona.

2. Gaudí’s Capricho, Comillas, Cantabria

In the charming town of Comillas, in the region of Cantabria, you will find Gaudí’s Capricho, built in 1883. The colourful façade and creative use of wrought iron make this structure a unique architectural attraction.

Gaudí’s Capricho is an example of orientalist architecture, characterised by its originality and symbolism. The exterior decoration of the house refers to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s theory of colour. This work demonstrates Gaudí’s ability to experiment with different architectural styles and concepts.

3. Botines House, León

The city of León is home to another architectural jewel designed by Antoni Gaudí: the Casa Botines. Built in 1892, this building combines elements of the modernist style with an elegant presence that makes it stand out in the urban landscape. Today, Casa Botines serves as the headquarters of the Fundación Caja España and remains a monument to Gaudí’s creative genius.

The Casa Botines is a testament to Gaudí’s lasting impact on Spanish architecture. Through his modernist style and attention to detail, the architect left an indelible mark on the city of León and on Spain as a whole.

Gaudí’s legacy is not limited to one region; it enriches the architectural heritage of all of Spain and continues to attract architectural admirers from around the world.

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