Barcelona and the automotive industry join forces to promote the use of electric vehicles

Barcelona and the automotive industry join forces to promote the use of electric vehicles

In an effort to reduce polluting emissions and promote sustainable mobility, the Barcelona City Council has established a strategic alliance with the automotive sector.

At a recent meeting as part of the Automobile Talks series, the importance of accelerating the electrification of the city’s vehicle fleet was highlighted, advocating a collaborative approach between the public and private sectors.

A clear message: private vehicles, yes, but electric vehicles

The message conveyed by the Barcelona City Council is clear: the adoption of electric vehicles is encouraged as a fundamental measure to reduce polluting emissions in the city. Instead of radical bans or restrictions, the aim is to encourage the transition to more sustainable mobility through dialogue and collaboration.

The City Council has presented its Urban Mobility Plan for the coming years, highlighting efficiency, decarbonization and safety as fundamental pillars. It recognizes the diversity of mobility needs of the population, and works on solutions adapted to each context, with a people-centered approach.

It also emphasizes an inclusive decarbonization strategy, which seeks to reduce dependence on private vehicles and promote sustainable alternatives. The implementation of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is mentioned as a measure to improve air quality in the city and comply with established environmental standards.

Public-Private Collaboration in the automotive sector

Collaboration between the public and private sectors is seen as key to boosting the adoption of electric vehicles. Various initiatives are proposed, such as a calculator to estimate savings when purchasing an electric vehicle, information packs for buyers, the presence of recharging points in dealerships and promotional offers for new buyers.

The role of the Endolla Barcelona recharging network, which has a wide coverage throughout the city, is highlighted. It plans to increase the power of existing chargers, add express charging stations and improve the user experience with contactless payment options. In addition, it is proposed to further improve the recharging infrastructure.

The future of mobility in Barcelona

With these measures and collaborations, Barcelona positions itself as a leading city in the promotion of electric and sustainable mobility. As it moves towards a cleaner and more efficient future, the electrification of transportation is expected to contribute significantly to the improvement of the environment and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

In fact, Endolla Barcelona has invested 25 million euros up to 2023 thanks to the European Next Generation funds, and promises 15 million more in the next five years in order to adapt to the growing adaptation of electric technology.

The company has already reached the 1,000th installation of recharging points and the increase in the power of its chargers.